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Why Is My Yard Infested with Mosquitoes?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Throughout the summer months, families throughout the country struggle to combat the seemingly endless swarms of mosquitoes in their yards. From directly misting mosquito mist onto our skin to installing mosquito zappers, many mosquito repellant methods vary in reliability. Most mosquito control efforts are the same in that they only treat the symptoms of a mosquito infestation without dealing with the root cause. To effectively control mosquitoes in your yard, you need to understand where mosquitoes come from in the first place and what environments they rely upon.

Mosquitoes are entirely reliant on water because it provides the medium within which mosquito larvae can develop! Mosquitoes typically lay their eggs in standing water, explaining why you can find intolerable swarms of the insects in swampy, damp areas. Homeowners need to be aware of this because we can sometimes provide mosquitoes with habitat, despite our intentions to do the opposite. If you own a pool, for example, areas around your pool with floats and pool toys can be infested with mosquito larvae. In addition, there are probably many areas on your property that can hold standing water. From plant pots to birdbaths, to fallen leaves that can cup rainwater, mosquito breeding areas are abundant. When spring and summer roll around, make sure you are aware of areas where mosquitoes can breed so you can remove standing water every couple of days. Unfortunately, removing mosquito habitat is just about the only thing you can do on your own, which is why professional mosquito control is so important. The key is to severely discourage mosquitoes from entering your property in the first place, which is where Mosquito Squad comes in.

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Ineffective mosquito control options are abundant in today’s market. To ensure you receive the treatments you deserve, consult the professionals. At Mosquito Squad, we’ve been working to defend our customers for nearly 20 years! Since our inception, we’ve consistently led our competitors in customer experience, treatment effectiveness, and industry knowledge. Indeed, these are things that only come with an experienced background. Our highly trained technicians, in combination with our barrier protection mist, know exactly how to treat your yard after a brief assessment. In addition to treating the perimeter of your yard, we also treat areas that are prone to breeding mosquitoes to provide a double layer of defense. With our premium protection program, biweekly sprays throughout spring, summer, and even fall will ensure you are always defended against mosquitoes.

If your yard is infested with mosquitoes, make sure you remove mosquito habitat. However, professional help from Mosquito Squad of Westchester and Rockland County is the most effective defense available. Give us a call at (914) 353-4921.