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  • It’s tick time in South Shore Mass. Yikes! Two things you must do now.

It’s tick time in South Shore Mass. Yikes! Two things you must do now.

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 28, 2015

Here in the South Shore, we humans have barely had time to get out and enjoy our warmer weather yet the local ticks are having a field day. They’re out in parks, fields, near streams and on our playgrounds. Even worse, they’re in our yards and in the wooded areas around our homes. Unfortunately, there’s no turning back on Spring and the torrent of ticks that are out looking for a good blood meal.

There are two things to do right now.

1) Sign up for tick prevention in your South Shore and Fall River yards

2) Brush up on tick prevention for when you’re not in your yard

Protecting your yard

Regardless of what summer activities you enjoy, you will spend more of your outdoor time in your yard vs. anywhere else. Whether or not you spend a lot of your home time outdoors, simple things like watering the garden or walking the dog around the yard may pose the threat of picking up ticks. Speaking of pets, your beloved pets may face the worst challenge since they likely spend the most time frolicking in your yard playing in the exact places where ticks hang out. Ticks love to hang out in grasses, in leaves, in wood piles, on stone walls, and on low lying plants. So, spending time in those areas is going to put you or your children/pets/guests in harm’s way where tick-borne illnesses are concerned.

Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Mass protects your entire property with our barrier treatment service. We come every 3 weeks to provide dual protection from mosquitoes and ticks, or at 6-week intervals for targeted tick control alone. We mist the barrier of your yard and also all the areas within your yard where ticks can hide. Any ticks out and about will be eliminated on contact. Then our microencapsulated system continues to protect against those ticks being brought to the yard by field mice, deer and other small critters until the next treatment.

Brushing up on safe tick protection practices

Are you an outdoors person? Do you have kids that love the park down the street? Does your walk to the shore include walking through beach grass? Are there other times, outside your yard, where your feet and legs come in contact with grass, leaves, mulch, and plants? Unfortunately, there are ticks waiting to use you for their next blood meal. If that sounds gross to you – that’s good because that will help heighten your tick awareness to better protect you from tick bites and the nasty diseases they carry! Vigilance is key. Whenever your feet, legs, or hands swipe up against these areas, you could pick up one or more ticks. If you’re having a picnic or reading a good book in the cool grass under a tree, you are at risk.

Start now by signing up for seasonal protection on your property. Whether you have a year- round or seasonal home in the South Coast or on the South Shore, sign up for tick protection today!