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A Smartphone App for Global (and Local) Mosquito Control Efforts…Is There Nothing a Phone Can’t Do?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

July 13, 2017

With a ridiculously wet spring, the Southeastern Massachusetts mosquito problem is out of control. Making it a perfect year to find out there is a smartphone application for mosquito control! Well, the app won’t rid you of mosquitoes, but it is intended to help with local mosquito control as well as global mosquito control efforts by collecting data and helping you identify mosquito breeds and their habitats.

Mosquito Habitat Mapper

The Mosquito Mapper App was created by NASA to give users the ability to identify mosquito types and their breeding sites. It also helps the user eliminate the breeding sites.

NASA satellites cannot detect mosquitoes, but they can monitor environmental changes that assist mosquito population growth. With the data entered by app users, they can research environmental conditions that cause mosquito outbreaks. The information gleaned can help early preparation for potential mosquito-borne disease outbreaks and provide knowledge for other research to battle mosquito-borne diseases.

How Does it Work?

Download the app and follow the prompts to observe the environment around you. You will be asked to observe, take pictures, and even count mosquito larvae found in breeding sites. You can also note when breeding sites have been eliminated, i.e., you dumped out a bucket of standing water.

Becoming a contributor to the worldwide battle against deadly mosquito-borne diseases is a great opportunity to help. Imagine if NASA can collect enough knowledge, discover patterns, and be able to prevent mosquito outbreaks and mosquito-borne pandemics? You’re using your phone all the time anyway, might as well put it to use. Take your kids outside, have them help you observe, we can all play a role in Southeastern Massachusetts mosquito control.

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