Which Company is the Best Tick Control for Southeastern Mass?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 24, 2016

With an epidemically large population of deer ticks in our area, choosing the best Southeastern Mass tick control company can be the difference between daily tick checks and safe tick removal and enjoying a pest-free outdoor lifestyle in your Southeastern Mass backyard. We were so convinced of Mosquito Squad being the best mosquito and tick control company, we have bought two franchise locations and are proud to offer life-changing mosquito and tick control to our friends and neighbors in South Shore Mass and the Fall River areas.

Top 6 Reasons for Choosing Mosquito Squad for your Tick Control in Southeastern Mass

The best Southeastern Mass tick control service is here, and we’re on a mission. We hate ticks, and we are passionate about ridding your property of them. Mosquito Squad of the South Shore and Mosquito Squad of Fall River are your best choice for tick control:

1. Tick Barrier Treatment that Works!

Mosquito Squad sprays your entire property, not just around the outskirts. Our traditional barrier treatment eliminates 85-90% of ticks and mosquitoes on your entire property. Our special time-released formula means our barrier treatment works for up to 21 days. You’ll be able to enjoy your patio, garden and lawn without the risk of questing ticks biting. With the threat of Lyme Disease always on our minds, we are happy to be able to lower your risks and the risk to your family and pets.

2. Precise Tick Spray Application

When it comes to misting for ticks, we pay special attention to areas around your property where ticks are known to gather. We’ll Treatment extra carefully around the bases of retaining walls, in tall grass and the underbrush of your wood line. Our sprayers don’t just fog the air with Treatment; we blast our tick Treatment into your underbrush so that ticks hiding on the undersides of leaves are effectively eliminated immediately and for up to 3 weeks.

3. Southeastern Mass Tick Tubes for Further Tick Control

We always recommend tick tubes to property owners who have serious tick problems. Mosquito Squad’s tick tubes are placed strategically around your property twice a year when they will be most effective. The treated cotton in these tubes will be taken back to the dens of rodents where tick larvae and tick nymphs will be eliminated on contact. Before they have a chance to spread disease. Before they have a chance to reproduce, effectively interrupting the tick life-cycle for a drastic reduction in tick and deer tick populations on your property.

4. Professional, Highly Trained Applicators

Successfully applying tick control Treatment and tick tubes is a serious job. We require our applicators to be highly trained and pass rigorous testing before they can work for us. Our sprayers are professional, courteous and will take every safety consideration when treating your property. You’ll always know when we’re coming, 24 hours in advance and you’ll always see a uniformed professionally trained tick mister arrive promptly and ready to give you a pest-free outdoor lifestyle.

5. Special Event Services

While most often special event Treatment is thought of for controlling mosquitoes, there is a great deal of deer tick problems to deal with at wedding venues, parks, and for backyard parties. We recently heard about a wedding hosted in a renovated barn that was a complete disaster due to ticks being everywhere and climbing on everyone. Don’t worry about sending party or wedding guests home with dangerous tick bites, call Mosquito Squad for our highly effective special event Treatment to eliminate ticks and mosquitoes from your outdoor party space.

6. Expertise & Excellent Customer Care

At Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts, we are dedicated to you. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. From the first call to well after we have misted we are here to serve you. Our office staff is highly educated to answer your toughest tick or mosquito question over the phone. Our sprayers are knowledgeable and can make on the spot decisions to make sure your treatment is fine tuned to work for your specific property’s challenges. Our services are backed up with 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, call. If you still see ticks after a Treatment, call. We’ll respray and do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied.