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Mosquito Squad Original Mosquito Barrier Treatment vs. Natural Mosquito Control

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Are you trying to decide between our original barrier mosquito control treatment and our natural mosquito control? You are not alone. Many of our clients weigh these two popular options against their individual needs.

We hope you'll use this page as a quick reference for comparing our highly effective mosquito control and tick control services.

How Does it Work?

Original: Our knock-down formula will cause a speedy demise for any mosquito encountering it during treatment. Our licensed technicians are trained to treat the foliage and underbrush to ensure the product A) knocks down as many mosquitoes as possible and B) sticks to vegetation where mosquitoes will land to feed and rest. This adherence is how it continues to reduce mosquitoes for up to three weeks.

All-Natural: The cedarwood oil base of our naturalproduct masks scents and interrupts the mosquitoes' ability to find their target, repelling them from the yard. Our technicians' high-powered application and product's special formula allow it to stick well to vegetation and the undersides of leaves for a long-lasting, invisible barrier around your yard.

What is the Efficacy?

Original: Our ground-breaking barrier treatment reduces mosquitoes on your property by 85-90% for up to 21 days.

Natural: natural mosquito control from Mosquito Squad reduces mosquitoes by 80-85% for up to 21 days.

How Quickly Can I Enjoy Results?

Both: Both products are effective immediately and only require about 30 minutes to dry before resuming regular outdoor living.

How Long Does it Last?

Original: The time-released formula of our original mosquito barrier product allows it to continue reducing mosquitoes for up to 21 days.

All-Natural: Our newest natural mosquito control solution contains cedarwood oil and a compound to help it adhere to leaves and vegetation, repelling mosquitoes for up to 21 days.

How Well Do the Two Products Work for Tick Control?

Original: The original barrier treatment knocks down adult ticks on contact and offers residual protection for up to 21 days.

Natural: Knocks down adult ticks on contact. However, you don’t get the residual benefit because it dries as a repellent and ticks are passenger pests that hitch a ride into your yard on animals.

If you are in a heavily wooded area or have a lot of animal traffic through the yard, such as field mice and deer, we recommend the original barrier treatment to better reduce both ticks and mosquitoes for the three-week period.

How is the Treatment Applied?

Both: Our carefully trained and licensed technicians use professional-grade backpack mist blowers to apply our products. The high-power mist penetrates thick underbrush for an even distribution of time-released product where mosquitoes congregate most. Our team will pay incredibly close attention around your outdoor living areas, the property's perimeter, and anywhere mosquitoes and ticks are likely to swarm.

Will My Backyard Stink?

Original: Once our product dries, about 30 minutes, you should not notice any odor or scent.

Natural: You may notice a botanical smell for the first few hours to a day at most. However, most of our clients note that they enjoy the slight aroma immediately following an natural mosquito treatment.

How Does the Weather Impact My Mosquito Control Treatment?

Original: As long as the application has 30 minutes to dry, it is weather-resistant for 21 days.

Natural: Our Naturalapplication does not contain any synthetic “control products” that some competitors add, which means it may break down more quickly in the environment. Heavy or extended periods of rain and high heat has more of an impact on degrading the Naturalapplication.

What is the Impact on Bees and Pollinators?

Original: One of the differences when you choose Mosquito Squad is our dedication to customized treatment plans carried out by our highly-trained and licensed technicians. To limit the impact on all good bugs, our technicians avoid misting open blooms, vegetable gardens, fruit trees/bushes and any areas where bees are congregating.

All-Natural: Bees do not find flowers to pollinate by their sense of smell alone. Bees find flowers by detecting weak electric fields created by flowers. Bees also find flowers with ultraviolet patterns in the flower coloring that humans cannot detect. Therefore, our natural treatment should not deter bees from your property if you have flowers to attract them.

What Are Some Reasons People May Choose NaturalMosquito Control?

The number one reason people choose natural mosquito control is simply a lifestyle choice of preferring organic and naturalproducts for everything possible.

Some clients choose naturaldue to allergies, asthma, or other sensitivities among their household's human and furry members.

At Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts, we customize your mosquito control plan to meet your individual needs. If you are a beekeeper (like some of our location owners), keep livestock, gardens, or have other special considerations, please notify our staff so we can make sure your mosquito treatment is what you need.