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Summer Tick Season

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Summer Tick Season

December 20, 2023

This year it seems that ticks are out in abundance.  Researchers are saying this is because of the late spring we had this year.  Usually wood ticks are out first in May, then the deer tick follows later in summer.  But since we had a late spring, the ticks are both out at the same time and this is why it seems there are more ticks than normal.  Deer ticks are the ones people have to worry about, they are the ones who carry Lyme disease.  Since 2000, the disease has risen greatly and this could be due to weather changes.  Since ticks usually infect and cling to rodents at first, the weather is causing rodents to venture out further to find food and taking the ticks with them.  Usually people just have to worry about ticks in wooded areas, but this is no longer the case now that rodents are on the move.  People should be careful when they go outside and make sure to really look themselves over when they get inside for any ticks. 

Lyme disease can be a potentially dangerous disease, and this is why it is important to know what to look for.  Symptoms are fever, headache, fatigue, temporary facial paralysis, muscle and joint aches, and the most obvious symptom is a red bull's eye rash that indicates where the tick latched on.  Long-term effects can be avoided as long as people know what to look for and they seek treatment right away.  The Pioneer Press has more of this story here:

At Mosquito Squad, we can help fight those ticks and keep you, your family, and pets safe this summer.  We provide barrier treatment treatments that work to eliminate adult ticks, and we also provide tick tubes, which work to kill nymph stage ticks.  Give us a call today to learn more about both of these options and so you don't have to worry about those little ticks anymore!!