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10 Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

Posted by Mosquito Squad
10 Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

December 20, 2023

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes do some of the things they do? Here are some facts about mosquitoes that most people don't know about, such as the smell of chocolate confuses them, so it might be a good excuse to eat chocolate while you're sitting outside if you don't want mosquitoes bothering you. Another thing is mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, and since we exhale carbon dioxide from our mouth and nose, this is why mosquitoes are always buzzing in our ears. And the most interesting fact: Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world. They cause more deaths than any other animal in the world due to the diseases like Malaria and yellow fever they spread. Check out the whole list here:

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