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Preventing Mosquitoes at Home

Want to learn effective ways to start eliminating mosquitoes right in your own home and backyard? We have a list of tips for you to follow to start to be mosquito-free:

Limit Breeding Habitat: Mosquitoes don't travel very far after they are hatched, and they need standing water to breed and hatch, so start by eliminating and turning over anything that can hold standing water in your yard.  Make sure to drain buckets, bird baths, and kids toys regularly so water can't build up in these areas.  

Prepare Indoor Defense: Make sure your screen doors do not have holes in them where mosquitoes can easily fly in and bother you inside as well.  Also, make sure your indoor plants don't become breeding grounds for any mosquitoes that might sneak in your house.  Make sure your plants are draining well and not producing standing water. 

Call in the Squad: There are so many ways that people have developed to keep mosquitoes away, from citronella candles to heavy bug repellent, but no matter what you use, the infestation may be so bad that nothing will work.  This is when it is time to give Mosquito Squad a call, where we know what to treat and what works best.  We want to help you and your family stay mosquito and disease free all summer, so give us a call today at (507) 519-6121 and don't forget to start practicing these tips right away to get a mosquito free yard!