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Tick Killing Robot

Technology just continues to amaze us. Professors in Virgina have came up with a tick-killing robot that actually works! Ticks are attracted to carbon dioxide and movement, so they take some tube and lay it on the ground where ticks like to live, leave it there for about 15 minutes and it emits a small amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Then the robot follows the tube, and behind the robot is a piece of cloth with a pesticide that kills ticks on it. 

And what did the professors find? On their first trial run with the robot, there were 50 ticks in the specific area, and after they ran the robot, they found they eliminated 45 out of the 50 ticks. What a huge improvement!! To learn more about this impressive robot, check it out here: http://www.tricities.com/news/local/article_81177c3a-f969-11e2-a89c-001a4bcf6878.html

Of course, this is not available to residential areas yet, they still need to do a few test runs. But if you are looking for tick elimination, give Mosquito Squad a call!! We offer barrier sprays which kill the adult ticks, and tick tubes which kill the nymph-stage ticks. The tick season is bad this year, and ticks can carry dangerous diseases that affect you and your pets. If you want to avoid those nasty creatures and enjoy your yard, give us a call today (507) 519-6121!

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