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Mosquito Attractant

family on deck
Summer is the perfect time to just sit outside when you get home from work and just enjoy a cold one.  But did you know drinking beer may cause mosquitoes to be more attracted to you?  Researchers have recently done a study on if mosquitoes really are more attracted to people who are drinking beer than those who are not drinking beer.  There have been some articles posted that say there might be a link to drinking beer and mosquito attraction, but here is a study that proves beer drinkers may have to be more careful when they are outside.

Researchers took a group of 13 volunteers to be hosts and compared them with one man, who was the control group.  It was found that after the volunteers had consumed 350 ml of beer, mosquitoes were significantly more likely to to land on them then before they consumed the beer.  If you want to read more about the research article, click the link here.

This study shows that those people who drink more beer should be cautious of the mosquitoes around them, as they may be more prone to get bit by mosquitoes infected with diseases.  If you still want to enjoy a beer outside on the deck, then give us a call!  Our barrier treatment treatments eliminate up to 85-90% of mosquitoes, and this means that you can enjoy your beer worry free on your deck all summer long!  Give us a call today to start enjoying your yard and beer again!