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Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

The mosquitoes are awful this year, and some of you may be experiencing more mosquito bites than others.  The Smithsonian has come up with a list of what attracts mosquitoes to more people.

1. Beer: Mosquitoes are attracted to ethanol and body heat, and even if you drink one beer, mosquitoes will be coming after you more than if you don't have any beer. 

2. Exercise:  Ethanol will also be released from your body when exercising due to the build up of lactic acid, and also because your body heat is likely to rise when exercising.

3. Pregnant Women:  They also have a higher body heat and release 21% more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, another thing mosquitoes are attracted to.

4. Blood Type: People who have Type O blood type are the most likely to get bit, followed by Type B, and people who have Type A blood type are the least likely to get bit.  

5. Clothes: Mosquitoes are attracted to people who are wearing darker colors, such as black or blue.  Make sure to wear loose, light colored clothing so mosquitoes are not as attracted to you.

As always, it's important to use a good bug repellent, but the most important thing to protect yourself is to give Mosquito Squad a call.  We know exactly where mosquitoes like to hide and how to get rid of them so if you have any of these attractive factors, we can eliminate the mosquitoes from your yard so you don't have to worry anymore.  Give us a call today at (507) 519-6121 today to start becoming unattractive to those nasty mosquitoes!!