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Mosquitoes May Finally Return to Normal

The mosquito population has tripled this year, according to researchers and this is due to the winter that seemed to last forever.  Usually mosquitoes hatch in increments starting in the spring, but this year they all seemed to hatch at once and this is why the mosquitoes seem so bad this year.  We didn't really have a spring, so when it warmed up, the mosquitoes thought it was time to hatch and attack humans so they can't enjoy their yards. 

But there's finally some good news with mosquitoes: The broods of mosquitoes should be done hatching and for the rest of summer, it should feel like a normal mosquito season and not like an over-abundance of mosquitoes.  But this still isn't a good thing.  With the mosquitoes that are going to be left as we approach August, these are the mosquitoes that are most likely to have West Nile Virus.  Mosquitoes who are still around in August are the ones who have been around all summer, for the first half of summer they spend their time biting birds who carry West Nile, and the second half of summer they will search for humans to feed on.  This is why people need to be even more careful when they're going outside, because the West Nile threat is just beginning and will continue to grow once August gets here.  Check out the article from the Star Tribune for more information: http://www.startribune.com/local/216519001.html?page=all&prepage=1&c=y#continue  

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