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Importance of Mosquito Protection

Of course, mosquitoes are pesty insects that bite humans and leave itchy marks for days.  But not many people know that the mosquito is the most deadly animal on the planet.  It carries many different diseases that can affect people in different ways. 

Malaria: This disease is no longer present in the United States, but around the world this is a very dangerous and fatal disease.  It is a treatable disease, but a lot of countries where this occurs do not have the resources to help everyone who contracts this disease. 

West Nile: Of course we have talked about this one before.  2012 was one of the worst years in the United States for the virus, and it may be hard to diagnose this virus without going to the doctor since the symptoms resemble typical sicknesses that could happen any day.  

Dengue: This typically occurs in tropic areas, but there have been rare cases found in the United States.  Usually starting with a high fever, this disease then causes severe muscle pain, headache, eye pain, and rashes.

Yellow Fever: This also is most common in tropic areas where mosquitoes are more likely to be found, and starts with simple symptoms, such as fever, pain, and vomiting.  If it progresses to the second stage, this is much more dangerous and causes a higher fever, yellowing skin, and liver damage.  This disease is pretty rare in the United States, but worldwide this disease causes 30,000 deaths a year.

As you can see, mosquitoes can cause a lot more harm then just some minor itching and red bumps.  It can put any one in danger, so give Mosquito Squad a call today so we can start protecting you and your family from dangerous diseases this summer!