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How to Get “Hitched” Without a Hitch -Plan The Outdoor Wedding of Your Dreams

How to Get “Hitched” Without a Hitch

How to Get “Hitched” Without a Hitch

Plan The Outdoor Wedding of Your Dreams

Outdoor wedding

Planning your big day may seem daunting enough, but deciding to do it outside? Not only is there the added weather variable, but bugs also get brought into the equation. However, if you plan properly, there is no reason why your outdoor wedding shouldn’t be one that your friends and family are talking about for years to come. This blog post not only outlines aesthetic details that may be overlooked, but it also provides insight on how to battle the bugs; ultimately, it will leave you feeling prepared for the best day of your life.

Mic Your Ceremony. Have you ever tried talking on the phone and it sounds like the other person is standing in a fan? Minimize the effects of wind and other outdoor noise by renting a lavalier microphone system. Not only is it more subtle than a classic microphone, but it will allow your hard-of-hearing grandparents to feel included, rather than alienated, on your special day.

Lighting. If you plan to have your ceremony during the middle of the day and reception indoors, skip to the next tip. But if you’re planning on having your ceremony at dusk and reception outdoors, lighting needs to be high on the priority list. It is a good idea to have the trail leading to the ceremony site lit with lanterns or white lights, as they provide light as well as a clear direction on where to go. Additionally, it’s vital to have lights strategically placed around the seating area. If you’re wanting to have your ceremony in low light, it’s okay to have the lights dimmed after people are seated. However, make sure that they’re back on in full force afterward so that guests can leave with ease.

Privacy. Unless you’re fine with getting gawked at in the city park, privacy is important to not only you but your guests as well. Make sure that the venue you pick won’t be affected by road noise or nearby construction, and that it’s well protected from prying eyes. You worked endlessly to fine-tune your guest list, and don’t want any unexpected visitors to crash your celebration.

Flowers at wedding

Shelter. Weather is even more unpredictable than your crazy Uncle Larry, so you need to be ready for it. Even if you live somewhere warm and dry and it almost never rains, it’s still important to have a tent that could dually act as protection from the sun. Also, even if you’re bent on saying “I do” outdoors, have an indoor back-up plan in case of extreme weather.

Wind-proof. If the reception is outside and not fully enclosed by a tent, planning for the wind is essential. Make sure your centerpieces are hearty, and the flowers aren’t on the delicate side. Additionally, make sure candles are in tall vases or cups so that they aren’t constantly being blown out.

Bug-proof. Although you might slightly enjoy your crabby aunt getting swarmed by mosquitoes, your guests’ experience, as well as your own, will improve drastically if you have a plan in place for the bloodsuckers. Mosquito Squad offers special event treatments designed to give you peace of mind on your big day and will keep your loved ones bite-free. Our licensed technicians treat your property twice in the days leading up to the event so that mosquitoes will stay off your guest list.Bouquet at wedding

While the hours spent planning may be overwhelming, you’ll thank yourself for all of the steps put in to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch. For additional mosquito control information, call today at 507-884-0475.

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