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Top Gardening Trends of 2019

Top Gardening Trends of 2019

Top Gardening Trends of 2019

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It’s officially time to retire the snow shovels and awaken your yard from its winter-long slumber. We have compiled a list of the top gardening trends of 2019 that will make your experience hassle-free, and leave you with a one-of-a-kind yard. Don’t wait; your beautiful garden oasis awaits!Beautiful Flowers in a garden


1. Turn your yard into a “vacation.”

Why spend the money on a weekend at a hotel with beautiful landscaping when you can experience it for months on end from the comfort of your home? Turn your own piece of land into a vacation without leaving the house by installing a waterproof outdoor speaker system to play relaxing reggae or classic rock, depending on your mood (and unlike at a hotel, you have full control over the tunes being played!). Additionally, invest in comfy outdoor seating that people will actually want to relax in; not the rusty old chairs that your neighbor currently has in their yard. If you haven’t already, make the focal point of the space an outdoor firepit that will draw people in after the sun goes down. Finally, set the mood with white or pastel colored lighting and hang from surrounding trees to keep your space lit late into the night. Outdoor lighting

2. Make it hassle-free instead of labor intensive.

If you’re looking to step up your property’s appearance, the visually dramatic, pristine gardens featured in magazines may seem like the way to go. However, unless you’re an avid gardener, the never-ending amount of work involved will leave you feeling burnt out. Instead, strategizing to make the most of your time and effort will pay off in the long run. A good place to begin is by speaking with a professional gardener in your area to determine what plants will work best with your particular climate. Next, consider planting hardy perennials; as they grow back year after year and require minimal maintenance. Also, remove any existing plants that aren’t serving any purpose; such as the scraggly bush that is more of an eye-sore than anything. Finally, research the materials that you plan to incorporate into your landscaping to ensure that they will serve you long-term.Water feature outside


3. Small gathering spaces.

When entertaining, guests may not always want to be apart of the big group. Create private spaces for a few people to chat by strategically placing a small bench between a bush or next to a tree; the minimal amount of seating and lush plants create the ideal place for an intimate conversation. Finish off the space with a small water feature that will create a tranquil, calming environment.


4. A mosquito and tick-free yard.

Designing the perfect outdoor area will all go to waste if you and your guests are bombarded by insects the instant you step foot out of the air conditioning. Stay bite-free by enlisting in our acclaimed mosquito and tick control service for proactive protection throughout the season. We offer a barrier treatment service that eliminates pests on contact and continues to defend your property for 21 days, as well as a natural repellent alternative. If ticks are your main problem, our team will formulate a tick treatment plan specifically for your yard that will stop the bloodsuckers in their tracks. woman gardening


Turn your average yard into one you can be proud of with these 2019 design trends, and top off your outdoor experience with mosquito and tick control for a summer you won’t forget!



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