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School’s Out!-Fun Kid-friendly Backyard Games

Kids swimming outdoors.

Now that your kids are home for the next two and a half months, you’re likely at a loss on how to keep them occupied until the school bell rings again. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of our favorite games that can be played in your own backyard!

Kid jumping around outside.

Human Board Game

Ditch the old, worn-out board game and take advantage of the nice weather with an alternative that is guaranteed to keep your children entertained. Simply grab some sidewalk chalk, and with the help of your children, map out the game board. To make things more interesting, put red Xs in some squares as “lose-a-turn” spots, and use a large dice piece to roll. The first one to the end is the winner, and deserves a tasty treat!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

There is nothing children love more than the race to complete a list and a little friendly competition. Print out a checklist of natural elements that can be found in your area (or small pictures if your little ones can’t read.) Tape the list to the exterior of a paper bag, and give one bag to each child. Instruct them to only put small pieces of the items listed into their bag, and to stay in the yard. Finally, set a time limit for thirty minutes (or however long you want to keep them busy) and let them loose. Whoever comes back with the most items by the time the timer goes off is the winner!

Lawn Twister

Take the traditional game of twister up a notch by making a giant twister board on your yard. Simply buy 4 cans of mist paint in the traditional colors of green, yellow, blue and red and go to town, using a picture of a twister map as your guide. Finally, use the spinner from your own twister game for the outdoor version.


Water Balloon CatchWater splashing in child's face.

This fun alternative to a water balloon fight promotes teamwork as well as the development of hand-eye coordination. Have your children pair up, and begin by standing a foot apart. Next, instruct them to start tossing the water balloon back and forth. After four completed catches, they should each take a step back. Continue the game until the water balloon breaks, and mark with sidewalk chalk how far back they made it. This game can be repeated over and over without the loss of enthusiasm, as they’re trying to beat their previous “high score.”

Kan Jam

This exciting twist on frisbee involves throwing a disc, or a Frisbee, into a garbage can or similar container. 1 point is awarded for hitting the rim, and 5 are given for making it in the container. If the disk is thrown into a special cut out slot on the side of the garbage can, that team wins the game.

Now that you have an arsenal of games to entertain your kids, it’s important to remember that they will only continue to be fun if your children aren’t being bombarded by mosquitoes and ticks. Take a proactive step towards getting your yard back by calling 507-884-0475 today!


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