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Could Mosquitoes Be Causing Childhood Obesity?

kids playing
Many people know that children today are more obese than they have ever been before, and this is due to overeating and not getting enough physical activity.  Of course, summer is a big time to play outside and get physical activity, but could mosquitoes be causing children to not be able to play outside?  A recent study done by scientists at Rutgers university looked at if day-biting mosquitoes may be causing more children to stay inside, and thus causing more obesity.  

The study took two similar communities and used mosquito control in one of the communities and no mosquito control in the other community for one year, and then two years later, the communities switched roles, meaning the one who had no mosquito control the first year now received mosquito control and the community who had mosquito control the first year did not receive mosquito control.  The study found that when the community used mosquito control, children were more likely to spend time outside.  They also suggested ways to help control mosquitoes in a person's yard by eliminating standing water, and know that mosquito control treatments will not take care of every single mosquito in your yard. 

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