Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Evolve to Survive Harsher Winters and Spread Further Across the United States

Author: Mosquito Squad of SC Texas

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are commonly found here in South Central Texas. The day-feeding mosquito, known for its aggressive bite and disease-spreading ability thrives in cities and suburbs where standing water in small containers provide plenty of nourishment for the development of their eggs and offspring.

However, the Asian Tiger Mosquito does well in tropical climates, rarely found in the northern portion of the country where surviving harsh winters becomes too big a burden to overcome.

Until now.

Asian Tiger’s Develop Heartier Eggs

undefinedThe spread of this dangerous mosquito into the central United States was aided by a recently discovered adaptation of their eggs. It turns out that when a mosquito gets a sense that winter is approaching (likely the longer nights alert them), they will lay more eggs that can go into dormancy. Dormant eggs can survive the winter and when conditions are right, will hatch in the spring.

Researchers tested how dormant the eggs are, trying to figure out if there was a difference between the eggs laid in the South by the Asian Tiger and the eggs laid in the Northern edges of their habitat.

Nearly twice as many northern eggs than southern eggs were able to survive a Pennsylvania winter. The results of the experiment suggest that the Asian Tigers that live further north, in cooler climates, have evolved to survive their newly acquired habitat. In terms of evolution, the change has progressed in just 30 years which is extremely fast for a significant change within a species. The change will allow the mosquito to continue to creep north.

Great news though: none of the eggs could survive a Wisconsin winter, so there is some time yet before the most northern states will have to deal with Asian Tiger mosquitoes on a consistent basis.

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