West Nile Deaths in El Paso: Time To Increase Mosquito Bite Precautions

Author: Mosquito Squad of SC Texas

For the first time in 4 years, West Nile related deaths have surfaced in El Paso, according to the Department of Public Health. Two members of the community have passed away due to complications of West Nile, each having other health issues that made them more susceptible to severe illness from the virus. Our hearts go out to their friends and family.

Increase Mosquito Bite Protection

undefinedWe may not be in El Paso, but according to numbers reported on World Mosquito Day (a day for awareness), San Antonio ranks fairly high on the list of cities with high numbers of mosquitoes present. High numbers of mosquitoes make the chances of contracting West Nile virus high as well, so you MUST stay protected. Here are a few ways to avoid mosquito bites this year.

  • Use repellents that contain DEET when outdoors. Read labels and make sure your insect repellent meets FDA standards.

  • Dress to avoid mosquito bites. Longs sleeves, socks, and pants are the best choices when in areas that could be heavily mosquito-infested.

  • Avoid the outdoors between Dusk and Dawn. This is the time when most mosquitoes are more active so plan your activities accordingly.

  • Mosquito proof your yard and home. Tip any standing water in and surrounding your yard that is potential mosquito breeding grounds. Report standing water in public places. Repair screens in doors and windows to keep mosquitoes from easily entering your home.

Use Professional Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito bites can be deadly, unfortunately even more so for the elderly or for those with compromised immune systems as the victims in El Paso were. It is imperative that you take protection seriously.

When at home in your own yard there is nothing more powerful while equally as simple as Mosquito Squad’s barrier spray for mosquito control. It works on contact and continues to work for up to 3 weeks, eliminating up to 90% of mosquitoes in your outdoor living spaces. There is no reason to live in fear of mosquito-borne illness when you make the choices that lower your family’s risk. Make Mosquito Squad that choice.