Mosquito Control: Don’t Build a Screened-In Porch Hire Mosquito Squad Instead

Author: Mosquito Squad of SC Texas

Are you so tired of mosquitoes in your backyard that you’re considering screening in your back patio? Before you start lining up the contractors and looking at quotes you really should think about what a reputable mosquito treatment could do for you instead. Our treatment, that is.

To Build a Porch

undefinedBefore we get to the benefits of backyard mosquito spray, let’s talk about the idea of adding the screened-in porch. John Kelly, a columnist for the Washington Post, wrote a great tongue in cheek article examining the possibilities that the mosquitoes in his area might be working “in cahoots” with local contractors… you know, helping them drum up business.

The mosquitoes spend the majority of the season that sitting in your backyard could be enjoyable, making you completely miserable so you will call a contractor and have them build you a porch. Of course, in the end, the mosquitoes don’t benefit because well, they lose their prey.

As silly as all that sounds, Kelly raises some really good points about building a screened-in porch as a form of mosquito control. First of all, once you’re screened in, you really aren’t enjoying the outdoors to the extent that you would like. Between the screen and a roof, you can’t see half of what you are outside to enjoy.

Next of course is the time it will take. The estimates, the planning, the choosing, and once you’ve done all that the building part ALWAYS takes longer than they say it will. So, you’ve probably lost an entire season and with nowhere to sit outside at all due to the construction mess. And let’s not forget the noise construction creates. You won’t be able to relax inside either.

Last is the money. Oh, the money. It’s going to cost more than you planned, it almost always does. You have to wonder if it’s worth the financial investment when you consider how much time you will really spend just sitting inside the screened-in porch. And all this just to keep the mosquitoes out?

Backyard Mosquito Spray

Here is a mosquito control plan that I think Mr. Kelly might get behind. Step 1: Call Mosquito Squad. Step 2: Watch the technician spray your yard with our 100% guaranteed barrier spray. Step 3: Enjoy your outdoor living space after up to 90% of mosquitoes have been eliminated. Three weeks later, you’ll automatically start at step 2 and we’ll keep you covered all season long. It sounds basic and simple because it is. 

At Mosquito Squad, we realize how much you value the time that you get to spend relaxing with your family outdoors. We want you to enjoy it to the fullest. Call us today and let us tell you about our backyard mosquito treatments and why we are your hassle-free, cost-effective option for mosquito control services.