The Septic Tank - Prime Mosquito Breeding Ground

Author: Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas

As we head into June, the temperatures will be hitting the hundreds. Summer may not show up on the calendar until June 21st, but it’s shown up in the New Braunfels, Spring Branch, and Canyon Lake area in full force. There isn’t any rain in this week’s forecast, but don’t think that dry weather means no mosquitoes. Yes, mosquitoes do need water to breed, but it doesn’t have to be rainwater. It also doesn’t take much water. If there are places around your yard holding as much as a capful, then it’s quite likely a mama mosquito has found it to lay her eggs in.

Hidden Mosquito Breeding Grounds

What about your septic system? Have you thought of that? Could this be a spot to find breeding mosquitoes? You bet it can!

On a popular neighborhood social media site called Nextdoor, a representative from a Mosquito and Vector district explained how perfect septic systems and especially tanks are for breeding common mosquitoes. Septic tanks are warm and they provide plenty of organic content in the water to feed on. “Just one septic tank has the potential to produce hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes per week”, says public relations director Nizza Sequeira. Now imagine if these get out into your neighborhood. Mosquito populations multiply so quickly that something like this could cause a basic mosquito takeover in a neighborhood in less than a month. It is so important that you check your tanks for cracks and busted seals. No one wants this story to be their story.

Septic Tank Full of Mosquitoes Right Here in Bexar County

At Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas, we have seen this. It was just recently that we serviced a customer and literally thousands of mosquitoes flew out of her septic tank. But we knew what to do.

First, we drop mosquito dunks into your tank. A mosquito dunk is a bacteria toxin that will kill mosquito larvae but is not harmful to other wildlife or humans. Next, we use our guaranteed mosquito barrier treatment that proves time and time again to control mosquito infestations. Lastly, we come back again the next day to treat again if need be. We helped this customer just as we can you if you find your septic tank has become a mosquito commune.

Of course, we would rather begin these services before things get this out of control.

It’s never a good idea to wait until you find thousands of mosquitoes to begin the efforts to get rid of them. Our mosquito treatment services will eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard and continue to work for up to three weeks when we’ll automatically treat again, all summer long. This way we get to them before they get to your septic tank. But if it’s too late, we are prepared to address that problem as well, a difficult mosquito problem is still a problem we are prepared to handle. Check your septic tanks and call us today. Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas wants to help you stay ahead of the game, so call (830) 254-5176!