Do Mosquito-Repelling Home Remedies Really Work?

Author: Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas

Seems we are always looking for new ways to get rid all those little pests around the house. Mosquitoes are the top of that list! They can really make the difference in time spent outdoors or not. In South Central Texas, mosquito season goes year round, but when May hits the season can shift into overdrive. Michael Hernandez of News 4 San Antonio got a quick reminder of that this year. On May 13th, Mother’s Day, he decided to spend a little bit of time in his backyard, but within 15 minutes he was being eaten alive as the saying goes. He tried an old home remedy of vinegar and water he’d heard of, but that seemed to make things worse. So while wondering what really does work, he decided to take the question to an expert.

Mosquito Home Remedies That Work

Hernandez went right down to interview Molly Keck, an Entomologist for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office. An article on the Texas A&M AgriLife website discusses controlling mosquitoes to avoid the Zika virus. This article suggests that the best way to control mosquitoes is by combining a few different approaches all at once. They call it the 4Ds: Dusk/Dawn, Drain, Dress, and Defend. It includes avoiding being out at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes tend to bite most, draining any areas of standing water, dressing in long sleeves and light colors, and defending yourself by using protective repellent of some kind.

Hernandez and Keck had a great conversation about the simple basics when it comes to controlling mosquitoes around the home. Keck went into detail about standing water and how important it is to get rid of it. Also, she mentioned places mosquitoes can breed you might not think of such as clogged gutters or even in water pooled under rocks in flower beds or pathways.

Is Citronella the Only Proven DIY Mosquito Repellent?

Michael spoke about his vinegar and water concoction but it was fairly clear that Keck believes in the scientifically backed approaches to mosquito control. As far as plants that might repel mosquitoes the only one that she felt was of much use was citronella. Even then you have to be sitting very close to whatever form of citronella you choose: plant, candle, oil, etc. They also spoke of bug lights or bug zappers. Keck said that she didn’t feel as if bugs looking for blood meals would even be affected by such things. For her, the best idea for mosquito control is to use EPA registered mosquito repellents. In fact, she pointed to the great tool, the EPA search tool, that will help you choose the best one based on what you want to protect from and how long you will be exposed.

At Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas, we agree with Molly Keck. When searching for mosquito protection, made up home remedies: things that have not been researched and proven effective, are just not proven effective enough to use. Mosquitoes can carry Zika, West Nile, dengue fever and other dangerous diseases right here in the US. Find the repellent that best suits your needs and keep it with you when you are going to be in an untreated area outdoors. For less fuss, mess, and worry at home use our mosquito barrier spray services. It’s 85-90% effective in eliminating the mosquitoes in your yard. Using our treatment plan takes the guesswork that comes from home remedies and old wives tales and replaces it with professional results. Call us today for an estimate at (830) 254-5176!