City-Sponsored Mosquito Control & Mosquito Squad Home Protection Services: Do You Need Both?

Author: Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas

Texas holds seven spots on the list of the 50 top cities for mosquito activity in the US, with San Antonio falling into the number 37 spot. Needless to say, during the summer months, mosquitoes are something we are continually fighting.

However, knowing the best method to fight against mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry may be something you are struggling with. According to the City of San Antonio’s Metropolitan Health District and Vector Control division the city does have procedures in place to fight against mosquitoes. They use population reduction techniques, pesticides, and fogging in the fight against mosquitoes.

If these methods are being used, do you really need a professional mosquito control service such as Mosquito Squad? Let’s look at the differences.

Government Mosquito Prevention Techniques

Source Reduction

Reducing mosquito breeding sources and using pesticides in stagnant and standing water is certainly a useful tool provided by the city. It eliminates mosquitoes at the source of their breeding and decreases the population of mosquitoes as a whole. Larvicides are also used in wet areas to eliminate younger mosquitoes and keep them from growing to the breeding stage. This too can be quite useful. However, both of these are carried out in public or high traffic areas. This does not mean they will necessarily affect the mosquito population on or near your own property.

Mosquito Fogging

This too is a government tool for controlling mosquitoes, but it isn’t always considered one of the better ones. The City of San Antonio’s website says it will be carried out occasionally, on an “as needed” basis. According to the San Antonio Express News,fogging wasn’t used at all between the years of 2012 and 2016.

Mosquito fogging only kills adult airborne mosquitoes. Metropolitan Health District public relations manager, Carol Schlesinger says that fogging isn’t very useful in the fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the type that carries Zika, West Nile, dengue, and chikungunya, because this type of mosquito is active during the day and is a container breeder. A CDC official stated that fogging is less than efficient because these mosquitoes stay in and around homes.

Mosquito Squad’s Professional Mosquito Control Services

Our services are specifically designed for home use and private property use. We have two favorite options when it comes to mosquito protection, mosquito barrier treatment, and the automatic misting system.

The barrier spray treatment is manually sprayed on your lawn by a professional technician, trained to treat all the places that mosquitoes may hide and breed in your yard and the places you spend most of your time like decks and playsets, the not simply up in the air. Also, the spray adheres to the vegetation and continues to work for up to three weeks.

Our automatic misting systems are permanently installed on your property. A series of hidden nozzles and nylon tubes along your vegetation will emit timed sprays 2-4 times daily for year-round, constant protection. Our team will work with you to design this system so that it covers exactly where and when you need it most.

Our barrier spray eliminates 90% of mosquitoes in your yard and the misting system can eliminate even more if used consistently. When and if mosquito fogging trucks make their way through your neighborhood they could very possibly just drive the mosquitoes from the street, into your yard. The best thing you can do is take control of your own protection and be ready for them. Call (830) 254-5176 at Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas today to schedule your first treatment.