Yellow Fever Is in Brazil - Make Sure You're Vaccinated

Author: Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas

Yellow fever has been brewing over the last year and a half in Brazil and it’s getting worse. So much so that the CDC has sent an official warning: Get vaccinated before you travel to Brazil. “There is an expanding number of hotspots in Brazil where yellow fever is being transmitted,” said Dr. Marty Cetron, director of CDC’s Division of Global Migration and Quarantine to NBC News. The fever is known for outbreaks in heavily forested and less inhabited areas, but now seems to be spreading into tourist attractions such as Rio, Sao Paulo, and Ilha Grande. Already 10 tourists in Brazil have died from Yellow Fever. None of them had been vaccinated. It’s these facts that have triggered the CDC’s warning.

Yellow fever, while related to Zika and dengue, is much deadlier than both. It has killed 300 natives of Brazil since July. Although many will never even realize they have the disease, 15% infected will become very ill. Of those that are very ill, 60% will die.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

The CDC’s recommendation to get vaccinated does present difficulties. At present, there is no vaccine being manufactured in the US. The US is importing from Europe but amounts are low here. The CDC’s Yellow Fever webpage can help find locations where the vaccine is available. Finding and getting the vaccine is inconvenient but according to Dr. Lyle Petersen, who heads CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases,yellow fever can spread from human to mosquito and this does present need for caution. Yellow fever is carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which does exist in parts of the southern United States but Dr. Peterson says it is believed the risk for spread here is low. “We learned that from Zika. Thousands of people came to the U.S. with Zika, which is carried by the same mosquito, and we only saw small pockets of local transmission in southern Texas and in the Miami area.”

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