Fewer Mosquitoes Without Smelly, Oily, & Just Plain Bad Home Remedies

Author: Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas

In the summer heat of South Central Texas, mosquitoes are no joke. And if it’s a wet year they can be even worse! Therefore it may be tempting to try every candle, spray, plant, or gadget you pass as you wander through your local grocery or hardware store. But in the end, you may be wasting money and time while getting less than great results. When it comes to mosquito control, there are way too many bits of bad advice out there. Today, let’s talk mosquito “home remedies”:

Tiki Torches

First, you’ve got to get them stuck in the ground. If the ground is too hard, they are likely to lean and probably fall over in a good wind. If you actually have them in the ground well, we can agree the lighting is nice. It provides atmosphere. Until the citronella oil runs out, which is probably going to happen about halfway through your evening. Did you look to see if there was back up before you planned your BBQ? If yes, then don’t let the steaks burn while you are refilling the torches. UGH… so much work. And in the end, even if all goes well, the truth is that the range of protection just doesn’t reach very far from the flame.

Mosquito-Deterring Plants

Garlic plants, lemon balm, lavender, and marigolds… all said to deter mosquitoes from your yard. However, first of all, you have to be a good enough gardener to keep them alive. Secondly, if the smell is what keeps the bugs away you may not like it either and your guests surely aren’t likely to enjoy a stinky night out on your patio. It’s really the oil that comes from these plants that are the deterrent. All you’ve really done is worked kind of hard at surrounding your yard with smelly plants that don’t do much.

Good Old-Fashioned Bug Spray

Moooommmmm…. No kid likes bug spray. And unscented? Do they actually test that? If you have small children just keeping them still with there eyes closed good is not the easiest thing to accomplish. Then imagine if they rub their arms and get it in their mouths. YUCK! Let’s face it, adults hate bug spray too. Imagine having a nice grown-up party in your backyard and having to pass around the spray as your guests arrive. It just ruins the ambiance. Let’s not even talk about those silly gadgets you clip on your clothes. Whose wardrobe do they match?

At Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas, we have solutions that make all the silly gadgets and time consuming or messy options obsolete. Whether it’s our mosquito barrier spray, event spray, or automatic misting system we make outdoor living with fewer annoying pests simple. No messes and no wasting of your valuable time on substandard results. Call (830) 254-5176 today and move on to home projects that you actually enjoy.