Mosquitoes Take Over your Yard with a Blink of an Eye!

Author: Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas

How is it possible that mosquitoes are instantly swarming as soon as the warm weather comes around? Well, believe it or not, mosquitoes stick around, even in the winter months. Mosquitoes lay hardy winter eggs that will lie dormant in the soil until spring hits.

In late summer or fall, the female mosquito lays her eggs in several areas where the ground is still moist. As soon as the weather conditions become favorable again, the eggs hatch. For all of us in South Central Texas, we know how early the weather can change to become favorable for mosquitoes. Luckily at Mosquito Squad we know just how to get rid of those pesky nuisances that bother us all summer long.

Our most popular New Braunfels mosquito control is our seasonal barrier treatment. During our barrier treatment, we will treat surfaces that include shrubbery and foliage (avoiding flowers), around and underneath decks and patios, fences, your home’s foundation, tall grass and low hanging vegetation. We treat areas where mosquitoes breed, feed and rest.

The barrier treatment will decrease the mosquito population in your yard by 80-90% and remains effective for up to 21 days, that’s 3 weeks! Signing up with our season package means receiving this treatment every 3 weeks for the whole season.

If you’re interested in having your New Braunfels yard protected all summer long, then give Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas a call at (830) 254-5176 or contact us online.