Mosquito Squad's Got Your Back (Yard)!

Author: Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas

Planning a special event in your backyard space? Worried that mosquitoes will ruin the evening? Well worry no more, Mosquito Squad’s got your back (yard)!

You’ve been planning this event for a while and the last thing you need are a swarm of mosquitoes biting your guests. At Mosquito Squad we know how important it is to have your event go just the way you want. That’s why we offer our customers a one-time event spray for their event space. So whether you’re planning your dream outdoor wedding or just another BBQ in the backyard, we’ll help make it special.

To help eliminate the mosquito population in your yard for your big party we will perform a traditional barrier spray. Two of our certified and licensed technicians will come to your event space the day before or the day of to ensure you get the highest quality protection. We’ll target key areas of foliage surfaces which include shrubbery, around and underneath decks or patios, fences, tall grass and any low hanging vegetation to kill mosquitoes on contact and leave a residual effect that will continue working for up to 21 days.

So before you finalize the invitation list make sure that Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas is on it! You can invite us by calling. We look forward to helping you take your yard back!