Take Mosquitoes off the Guest List for Your Savannah, GA Dream Wedding

Author: Mosquito Squad of Savannah - Hilton Head

If you’re a wedding planner or you’re planning your own wedding, you most likely have a checklist that runs nearly a mile long. However, you may be forgetting one key component to keeping your special day, well, special. Make sure that uninvited, biting and annoying mosquitoes don’t show up and leave you and your guests literally itching to leave. For all your mosquito control needs for your outdoor wedding, simply call Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head at (912) 348-8247!

Our barrier spray, which we invented in 2005 and have used over two million times, will reduce the mosquito activity at your outdoor wedding venue by 85 – 90%. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning, our treatment is designed to comply with local and federal guidelines and all ingredients are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. At Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head, we believe that there’s never room on the guest list for mosquitoes.


Through the application of our barrier treatment, we’ll eliminate or significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes that bite and annoy your guests and hover over the food. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any of the food or eating utensils getting sprayed, as we’ll arrive plenty early to ensure that your outdoor wedding venue is treated well in advance of the food’s arrival.

Our professional technicians will take their time in locating all the areas that mosquitoes like to hide and eliminate them on contact. Additionally, our highly effective mosquito eliminating solution will continue to keep your outdoor wedding venue clear of mosquitoes for the entirety of your festivities.


Make sure to rely on America’s original mosquito control company to make sure your special day isn’t a mosquito feeding frenzy. To find out about Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head’s event spray options for your big day, call us at (912) 348-8247 or fill out our form here. Remember, it’s never too early to prepare for your special day!