Why Choose Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head for Mosquito Control in Your Yard?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Savannah - Hilton Head

With so many options for mosquito control in your yard, how do you know which one to choose? Do you read their online reviews? Do you decide through word-of-mouth? Lately, there seem to be more and more mosquito control companies springing up in the Savannah and Hilton Head areas. When you’re in need of mosquito control, choose Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head. Below we’ll tell you why!

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Mosquito Squad® is America’s Original Mosquito Control Company

Mosquito Squad founded the Protective Barrier Treatment in 2005 to help outdoor lighting installers fight the bite while working. Yes, we are the original mosquito control business, and yes, we have protected more than 100,000 backyards. Moreover, true, we have received thousands of thank you notes and rave reviews from our clients for allowing them to use their backyards freely again without having to worry about mosquito bites.

We offer highly effective solutions to your yard’s mosquito problems. We’ll remove up to 90% of the mosquito population in your yard and keep it that way all season long if you sign up for proactive protection throughout the season.

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The Mosquito Squad® Unrivaled Commitment to the Best Customer Service

When you schedule a barrier treatment with us, we’ll contact you the day before we arrive to let you know we’re coming. Then, we’ll treat your yard, leaving no stone unturned, in terms of where mosquitoes like to hide, as all our technicians are fully trained on mosquito behavior. Lastly, we’ll leave information on your front door handle letting you know that we completed the work and when we completed it.

Additionally, unlike other mosquito control companies in Savannah and Hilton Head, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re still experiencing high levels of mosquito activity after we’ve treated your property, just call us. We’ll come back out and re-treat your property completely free of charge!

If you’d like to enjoy your yard and outdoor living areas all spring, summer and fall without annoying mosquitoes to ruin your relaxation time, call Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head today at (912) 348-8247, drop us an email or click here to contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you soon!