How long should your Hilton Head mosquito yard spray last?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Savannah - Hilton Head

You have a lot of choices for mosquito control companies these days, but none are created equal. Mosquito SQUAD created the industry over a dozen years ago when we specially developed our micro-encapsulated formula which is proven to be time released and last for three weeks. There are a lot of Hilton Head mosquito control copycats out there who make claims of their treatment lasting that long, but none have been able to duplicate our formula, nor come up with anything that has similar to our 90% effectiveness.

Sometimes a competing company will apply their “long lasting” treatment, which knocks down existing mosquitoes for a few days, then homeowners notice that in a short amount of time, mosquitoes are back in their yard. Or, the company will come back a few days later saying they’re providing “extra protection.” Reality is that their treatment simply isn’t half as good as Mosquito Squad’s, is not actually time-released, and they’re trying to cover this up.

We put a lot of time and research into the development of the micro-encapsulation component of our formula, and because of this, it’s not cheap. We could have cut corners with designing our formula, but “cheap” is well . . . ineffective. It’s true that “you get what you pay for,” so if a competing mosquito control company appears to have a much smaller price tag, you’re not going to be getting nearly the same quality, nor long-lasting Hilton Head mosquito control in your yard as you would with Mosquito Squad.

Accept no imitations — Mosquito SQUAD is the authority in Hilton Head mosquito control. We’re the only Hilton Head mosquito control company who can guarantee up to 90% mosquito elimination in your yard for three weeks at a time. If you want the most effective, longest-lasting mosquito control in the Palmetto State, give us a call  to take back your yard from mosquitoes all summer long, not in patchy intervals. Proactive protection throughout the season means more time outside spent with family and friends, not worrying about bites, itches, and potential vector-borne illnesses. Enjoy your summer and leave the bugs up to us!