Can you feel a tick bite?

tick on grass

Just about anyone in Tiverton can tell you what a mosquito bite feels like. What about ticks? Can you feel a tick bite?

Knowing that a tick bite consists of the tick embedding its mouthparts under our skin, it seems like we would feel it. The truth is most tick bites cannot be felt. Considering that a tick must be attached to our skin for 36 to 48 hours to pass Lyme infection, it makes sense that we do not feel it. If we could, we would be able to avoid Lyme disease altogether by stopping the tick from attaching.

When should I worry about a tick bite?

Not every tick bite is immediately a true cause for concern. If you find a tick on your body, which is engorged, she has been on you for enough time to pass infection. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she did pass infection. This is because not all ticks are infected with Lyme-causing bacteria. Depending on where you live, an approximation can be made about how much of the tick population might be infected with the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. The range can be from 1% up to 50%. Rhode Island ranks as the fourth state in the nation for confirmed Lyme cases, so we can estimate that our infected tick populations are on the high end of the scale. Tiverton residents must meet the threat of Lyme-infected tick bites head-on with proactive tick protection measures.

Reduce your chances for a tick bite with effective Tiverton tick control.

It sounds simple. Prevent the tick bite, prevent tick-borne illnesses. There is no 100% method of protecting your family from ticks and the diseases they carry. However, truly effective tick protection is available. It begins at home. Call on Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island for professional Tiverton tick control. Our trained tick control technicians will work to help keep your family protected with barrier protection mist from springtime through fall. In the fall, you can choose to extend that protection with our tick tubes, which help reduce the number of emerging ticks in the spring. Because you can often not see ticks, and most times cannot feel their bites, protection is key.

Call on Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island to begin your year-round Tiverton tick control today. Call us today at (401) 825-0110.

If you believe that you might have been bitten by an infected tick, seek medical attention immediately.