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(4 years ago)

"I have been using mosquito squad for over a year now and they are Fantastic! Super punctual, amazing customer service, and I Can tell you the product WORKS. I also got the service for my parents because my mom got West Nile from a mosquito while traveling to Colorado. When they got back I did my research and got both of us Mosquito Squad service. Thankfully now I don’t have to worry about mosquitoes at my home on the Beach or my parents thanks to Mosquito Squad!!! I can Vouch for my parents as well who lives on a canal and they said they love it! Highly recommend."

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Lauren Mate

(3 years ago)

"I live on a property with many trees, bushes, flowers, and a pond. I would go outside any time of day and be mosquito bait. Frustrated with not being able to enjoy the outdoors, I contacted Mosquito Squad and after my first treatment experienced immediate results! The team who came to spray was professional and polite. Their product works and I plan to continue the service during mosquito season in NW Florida. My husband and I are recommending this company to all our neighbors and friends, We also tried their product for flies so we can eat outdoors and it works."

Renee Bookout Profile Image

Renee Bookout

(2 years ago)

"Mosquito Squad was fantastic! They were incredibly attentive for our event (coming by several times to make sure everything was just right). Their prices were extremely fair and they are so professional. We will definitely use them again! I am a mosquito magnet, and I did not receive one single bite the entire night of the wedding reception outside! So happy we discovered and used them!!!"

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Crystal M-C

(4 years ago)

"Loving our experience with Mosquito Squad! We can finally enjoy our yard without being bit which is so important with a small kiddo and dog running around. I would (and have) recommend these guys to anyone looking for some relief from those pesky bugs!"

Katie Maricle Profile Image

Katie Maricle

(2 years ago)

"We have had a horrible summer with the mosquitos! We have a pool and love our back yard. I could not even water my plants without getting eaten alive! Mosquito Squad was out within the week to spray and immediately I noticed a difference and by the next night I didn’t see one mosquito! I was highly impressed and excited to be able to return to my yard for summer fun! Over the top service and people that are knowledgeable about what they do. I learned quite a bit from them also about what we could be doing better to help control them. If you are on the fence about getting this done like I was, don’t it’s so worth it!"