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In Del City, mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and more are no strangers. Fortunately, we at Mosquito Squad have developed a number of targeted, effective treatments that can help you with your pest problems, whatever they may be. 

Del City Mosquito Control Company

At the Mosquito Squad of Del City, we've spent years building a reputation of providing high-quality pest control solutions. As a pest control company, we're committed to caring for our local ecosystem here in Oklahoma: our technicians are trained to never spray on blooming flowers or other pollinator-attracting plants.

Most of all, we're committed to serving you. Our team is friendly, timely, and always ready to listen and offer solutions that work for you. We want to provide the best in customer service. We're so confident you'll love our work that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee (terms and conditions apply - see website), which is why thousands of customers just like you across the country trust us with all of their pest control needs.

Mosquito Control in Del City, OK

The buzz of mosquitoes in your ears every time you step outside may make you believe otherwise, but it is possible to enjoy all Del City's beautiful outdoor areas have to offer without irritating mosquito bites. You can start by getting rid of any standing water - mosquitoes love to nest anywhere they can find water, even if it's just a small puddle - and minimizing yard clippings and other debris. But to be certain, professional pest control with Mosquito Squad is the way to go. With multiple options like our traditional signature treatment or our water-based natural alternative, we've got your back. Planning a special event? Let us help you and your guests celebrate comfortably with our special event sprays.

Tick Control in Del City, OK

Tick-borne diseases affect thousands of Americans each year. That's why it's important to arm yourself with information about how ticks function.

Did you know?

  • Ticks like to latch onto their hosts for long periods of time, unlike mosquitoes, who prefer a quick snack. 
  • Ticks don't fly or jump but rather wait on tall grass until a host comes by that they can crawl onto. 
  • Tick bites often go undetected because, most of the time, they do not cause itching, swelling, or pain. 
  • Lyme disease is transmitted via tick bites and can cause fever, headaches, joint and muscle pain, and may even lead to problems like meningitis, muscle paralysis, and heart problems. 

For all these reasons and more, tick control is important. Mosquito Squad can help with our barrier treatments. The perimeter of protection created by the spray helps control ticks, preventing them from reproducing.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Del City, OK, for Pet Health

Mosquitoes don't just bug humans - they're a threat to our pets too. The most common disease transmitted from mosquitoes to pets - usually dogs, but sometimes cats too - is heartworm disease. Heartworms attack your pet's vascular system, often causing dangerous blood clots. Treatment is usually successful, but it can be costly and it can be especially difficult for active pets. While regular preventive measures like annual vet visits and monthly heartworm prevention medication are vital, adding our professional pest control services can offer an extra layer of protection. Your pet deserves to run and play without the threat of heartworm or other mosquito-borne diseases.

Del City, OK, Fly Control

Nobody likes a fly infestation. Not only are they irritating houseguests, but they're unsanitary ones, too. Flies spend a lot of time in garbage or eating decaying materials, and as a result, can spread over 200 pathogens - especially when they land on food. There are some preventative steps you can take, like dealing with any standing water or overflowing garbage cans or using strong herbs like peppermint and basil. However, these solutions aren't bulletproof. For extra peace of mind, you can count on our protective barrier treatments, which keep flies out of your home. 

Del City, OK, Flea & Gnat Control

Fleas typically enter homes on the backs of pets, while gnats are drawn to moist environments where organic material and bacteria abound. Both are teeny tiny, and both are irritating nuisances that can spread bacteria and make you and your family sick. Dealing with them can be a frustrating process, but we're here to help. Our barrier treatments in Del City target these pests where they live and breed. The treatment kills adult pests on contact and interrupts the reproductive cycle at the same time.

Why Mosquito Squad of Del City, OK?

Del City residents like you trust us to deliver high-quality pest control solutions alongside excellent customer service. We work with you to make sure that we are meeting your home's specific needs. For a free quote, call us today at (405) 792-0230 or visit our website.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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