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Real Life Vampires Just Outside Your Door – Westchester NY Mosquitoes!

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 25, 2014

Whether it is Bram Stoker’s version of Dracula or Edward Cullen’s vampire version in Twilight, many of us are fascinated by blood-feasting characters. They only come out at night and can’t tolerate the sun. Once their fangs sink into their victim’s skin, they feast on their blood. It occurred to us that the tiny annoyances actually have a lot in common with vampires. They’re not pale or cold but there are some distinct similarities.

While watching vampire movies is a fun pastime, learning about mosquitoes right outside your door is a necessary evil. Like vampires, mosquitoes are active between dusk and dawn. During daylight hours, they prefer shaded and cool places to rest. Also like vampires, mosquitoes feast only on blood. Once they attach, they gulp blood as fast as they can and they’re off again.

Everything about a mosquito is designed for one purpose – to drink blood. Mosquitoes have to be quick. Unlike ticks, mosquitoes don’t use an anesthetic to avoid detection. Their single “fang” relies on an anticoagulant to keep the blood flowing as they gulp it in. Like vampires in the movies, a mosquito may wait and wait for their opportunity but once they detect the carbon dioxide we release in our breath they reach us quickly.

Since we spend most of our time outdoors in our yards, reducing our exposure to infectious mosquitoes begins there. Mosquito Squad’s effective barrier treatment will eliminate 70-75% of the mosquitoes on your property with the first treatment. Follow-up treatments only further reduce their numbers. Think of it as a “stake-through-the-heart” of your closest vampires!