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How Do Mosquito Barrier Sprays Work?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

November 27, 2018

Mosquitoes and other outdoor pests can be very frustrating during the warmer months of the year. When you’re spending time outside, the biting and buzzing around you and your family can be so bothersome that you might even be forced to go inside, missing out on those warm summer nights. If you’ve tried bug sprays, Tiki torches, and citronella plants without successful results, it might be time to try something different to keep mosquitoes out of your yard and away from your home. Mosquito barrier sprays can create a more effective and long-lasting solution that will give you a pest-free yard.

Inspection of Your Property

When you decide to invest in a mosquito barrier treatment, the first step is an inspection of your property. A technician will survey your property to figure out what types of pests are around your home. They will also identify any breeding locations and quickly treat or remove them. Once a technician has identified the pests causing you trouble and eliminated their breeding locations, they can choose the barrier treatment that is best for your property and your unique needs.

Applying the Barrier Treatment

Once the inspection of your property is complete, a technician will apply an EPA-registered natural or synthetic mist. There are several variations of barrier sprays that each address specific needs. However, each mist has a synthetic version of chrysanthemum flower extract as the main ingredient, which is also used in household products and to treat scabies and lice. When your technician applies the correct formula for your property, the misting process itself will take about 15-20 minutes. The mist will eliminate mosquitoes, ticks, and any other pests that are on your property. The treatment will also repel any pests outside your property, preventing them from entering your yard.

A Lasting Treatment

Many people choose mosquito barrier sprays because they are so successful in preventing mosquitoes from entering your property. However, one of the other main benefits of this product is that the treatment is not a one-time effect. Instead, it’s a lasting treatment. The barrier treatment is a time-release formula that continually eliminates pests for 21 days. When you sign up for the service through a company like Mosquito Squad, you can sign up for season-long services. In this case, a technician will come to your home approximately every 21 days for reapplication. These appointments will be automatically scheduled for your convenience, and can fit your unique needs and schedule. For the longest lasting mosquito treatment for your property, consider mosquito barrier sprays.

Mosquito Squad offers both synthetic and natural barrier sprays that will repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other outdoor pests. To sign up or inquire about our services, contact us at (914) 353-4921.