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Ample Protection Doesn’t End With Tick Spray For Your Yard

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

As most Westchester and Rockland County residents are aware, tick mist for your yard is an essential element of outdoor enjoyment around your home each year. At Mosquito Squad, we pride ourselves on the outstanding performance of our border protection sprays for your spring, summer, and fall tick control. Our mist has a long track record of reducing mosquito and tick populations in your yard for weeks at a time! While border protection mist is our most popular treatment method for effective tick control, this strategy is not the be-all and end-all tick protection solution. You can actually pair other tick control methods with our mist!

Ample Protection Begins with Tick Spray for Your Yard, But Never Ends with Tick Tubes

Tick mist for your yard is favored among our customers, so what can it do for you and your yard? Border protection mist is a potent defensive line against both ticks and mosquitoes. Each of our border protection mist treatments lasts three weeks and has been proven to reduce mosquito populations in your yard by up to 90% , while also defending against nearby ticks. We also offer an naturalborder protection mist for our environmentally minded customers. Ticks are becoming increasingly dangerous due to their growing numbers and ability to spread Lyme disease in Westchester, so it is very important to consider what steps can inhibit these insects from coming after you and your family. As mentioned before, border protection mist for ticks is incredibly effective, but this treatment is less effective during colder months when ticks huddle down in places like mouse nests. Fortunately, we have a solution for this predicament, too.

Tick tubes are a key component to disrupting the tick life cycle during the winter. A tick tube consists of a biodegradable cylinder stuffed with pesticide-treated cotton that is then placed in your yard. Mice find this cotton irresistible for nest-making, so they will take their cotton supplies home where ticks often reside. The pesticide is not harmful to mice, but to ticks it is lethal. By using the natural nesting instincts of mice, we get a helping hand from these tiny mammals, and they do the tick-control for us! This set-and-forget method of tick control is highly effective and is even more so when paired with tick mist for your yard.

Searching for tick mist for your yard reviews?

Of course, you will perform due diligence when searching for the best tick control company. Many of our clients have enlisted our tick control expertise for years, and many are willing to tell others about their positive experience with our company and the results we provide. If our tick mist for your yard reviews are what brought you here, we are ready to help get your tick control plan implemented!

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