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Frequently Asked Questions in Northeast Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mosquito & Tick Control Services

Got questions? Check out frequently asked questions below. Don’t see your question or answer? We’d be happy to chat! From Mosquito Squad cost to what to expect on the day your technician arrives, we’ve got you covered. We’re happy to answer all your questions, just give us a shout!

How Much Do Mosquito Squad Treatments Cost?

Cost varies depending on the size of your property. We offer a free, custom quote based on your property size and needs. Our best value are our seasonal packages.

What are your service terms and conditions?

You can read our terms and conditions here, and you will also get a copy when you sign up for services.

How Does Mosquito Squad control mosquitoes?

Our most popular service is the 21-day Barrier Treatment program. Mosquito Squad applicators treat standing water and any other potential mosquito breeding sites with larvicide to eliminate any existing larvae and to greatly reduce future mosquito hatches. Then our applicators will treat key areas in your outdoor space to eliminate any adult mosquitoes and ticks and establish a barrier against any mosquitoes that enter your yard thereafter. Mosquito Squad will then return to your property approximately every 21 days to maintain the barrier against mosquitoes and ticks.

How does Mosquito Squad control ticks?

In addition to controlling mosquitoes, Mosquito Squad’s Barrier Treatment also effectively eliminates adult ticks. For the most comprehensive tick control, our applicators can place tick tubes at key areas on your property which serve to eliminate ticks at their immature, nymph stage. Tick tubes are placed twice a season – once in the spring and once in the summer or early fall.

What do you treat?

Mosquito Squad’s trained and licensed applicators treat areas where mosquitoes and ticks breed, feed or rest. Treated surfaces include shrubbery and foliage, underneath decks, fences, the foundations of houses, tall grass and low hanging vegetation. Not only are our applicators trained in accordance with local and state requirements, but our in-house program educates them on conditions and situations that are specific to mosquito and tick breeding.

Does it work?

Yes, and we guarantee it. While no service can offer 100 percent protection from every mosquito and tick, you should notice an enormous reduction of 85 to 90 percent in the mosquito and tick population. If you don’t experience this reduction and are not satisfied, we want to know! We’ll be more than happy to provide an additional application or we can provide a refund based on our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

What if it rains right after my treatment?

Targeted surfaces are the underside of leaves and shaded areas; these tend to be protected from the rain. Additionally, when the product has dried (after about 30 minutes) rain and water do not easily wash away the treatment. If it begins raining before your treatment has dried, and you notice a diminished effectiveness, please call us and we will retreat at no cost to you.

If I have my yard treated, but my neighbor does not, will it still be effective?

Yes! Mosquitoes do not respect fences or property lines, but our treatment creates an invisible barrier around your property that makes your yard unattractive to mosquitoes. As you might imagine, a mosquito might wander into your yard and bite you before feeding or resting on the treated surfaces. However, you will find that the presence of mosquitoes is enormously reduced.

How safe is your product?

All products used by Mosquito Squad are used according to the label and are registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which means the ingredients have been scrutinized and tested for safety for consumer use when applied according to the label. Homeowners utilize our treatments to reduce the risks of contracting a vector-borne illness such as West Nile virus or a tick-borne illness such as Lyme disease, which can both cause lifelong health issues.

Is this product safe to use around kids and/or pets?

Mosquito Squad’s EPA registered product is kid and pet friendly – all we ask is that you make certain the treatment is allowed to dry, which is approximately 30 minutes after application. Once the product is dry, it does not rub or wipe off easily, so children and pets can continue playing as they would normally, only without becoming a mosquito’s dinner.

Will Mosquito Squad treatments harm my plants or vegetable and herb garden?

All Mosquito Squad treatments are designed to be as gentle as possible on organisms other than the targeted pests. Our treatment is achieved with products frequently used in the agricultural industry and therefore we recommend that you treat any vegetables or herbs from your garden like you would store bought ones by washing them prior to consumption. If you would like for your vegetable and herb garden to not be treated, our applicators will take extra care to avoid those areas.

Will treatments harm beneficial insects?

Some of Mosquito Squad’s treatments can affect other insects in addition to the targeted pests. For instance, gnats, flies and fleas that are in direct contact with the mist during application, will be eliminated. However, care is taken to minimize damage to other insects. For instance, we try to avoid misting blooming plants that attract honeybees. Once dry, the treatment should not impact insects that do not frequent the target surfaces.

Why do your technicians were headgear?

We take safety very seriously and we make every effort to provide the best protection for our employees by providing respirators and eye protection, because they are directly exposed to our products five days a week for eight hours a day. Safety is a foremost
concern of ours!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we have procured all required licenses and any necessary insurance, and are happy to provide proof of either upon request.

Does Mosquito Squad service commercial accounts?

Definitely! We service restaurants with outdoor seating, parks, recreational facilities and many other outdoor spaces. We are happy to serve businesses, organizations, municipalities and government agencies.

Will I know when Mosquito Squad is coming?

We always alert you the day before your scheduled treatment. That should allow you plenty of time to reschedule if it is not convenient.

Do I need to be home for the treatments?

No. Our services are outside only and we always leave a notice so you know that your
service has been provided.

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