About Mosquito Squad of Northeast Minnesota

Tick & Mosquito Control in the Greater Duluth Area

Mosquito Squad of Northeast Minnesota is proud to be America’s most trusted mosquito and tick elimination company. We created the Protective Barrier Treatment in 2005 to help outdoor lighting installers fight the bite while working. Since then, we have delivered over 2 million barrier treatment treatments nationwide. Our technicians are licensed and trained to ensure the bloodsucking pests in your yard are eliminated.

Our Protective Barrier Treatment is a highly-effective, micro-encapsulated formula that doesn’t only work on mosquitoes—it also eliminates ticks and flees. Our products are sequestered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and they eliminate up to 90% of mosquito and tick control. We deliver high-quality service in every area of our client relationships—from the first time we answer the phone, to treating your property with respect on every visit. That is why we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Mosquito Squad of Northeast Minnesota is proud to serve clients in Cloquet, Duluth and throughout Northeast Minnesota. Contact us today for a free estimate at (218) 325-9495!

Call the Squad today at (218) 325-9495 to schedule a free estimate. Our mosquito control experts are ready to help you take control of your yard!

Meet the Team

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