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Bret Anderson Profile Image

Bret Anderson

(July 18, 2022)

"The applicator listened to my concerns and addressed his application accordingly."

David Mattocks Profile Image

David Mattocks

(August 24, 2021)

"Last week I spent the whole day staining the deck, not one single mosquito!! The only tick was in May, before the spray service started. Even my dog, no ticks. The only bummer is the lack of butterfly and honey bees, the spray keeps them away too, which is sad. Very happy with the service."

Mellie Peach Profile Image

Mellie Peach

(August 10, 2021)

"Bobbi and crew arrived right on time and quickly and professionally applied the repellent. We were informed earlier on the prospected time of service and informed neighbors who have a 2 month old grandchild (along with parents) visiting. This is so critical for the safety of all of those involved, and with the arrival advisory, we could warn them and keep all safe. What a great team...what a great service!"