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North Reading Mosquito Control Around Your Pool

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If you have a backyard pool, you have probably had your quality time interrupted by mosquitoes at one time or another. Why are mosquitoes so bad around pools?

Mosquitoes thrive in places, where water is available for them to lay their eggs. This is not to say that your pool water is enticing mosquito inhabitants. However, pool covers and other items, where water puddles form, are perfect places for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Female mosquitoes can lay from 100 to 300 eggs every three days! North Reading mosquito control is essential around your backyard pools.

Other items around your pool that attract mosquitoes.

Pool toys and outside toys in general are also culprits for likely mosquito breeding grounds. Even a pair of simple goggles, lying by your pool with water in them, can create a mosquito incubator. Bigger pool floats, outside ride-on toys, or items as small as bottle caps, which hold water after use, can give female mosquitoes a perfect place to lay their eggs.

While you could mist your family with mosquito repellent sprays, it doesn't make much sense around pools. It will just wash off when you swim. Burning tiki torches and candles does very little to keep mosquitoes away, and some pool-goers might be averse to the smell or effects of these things. Also, if you have children playing around the pool, candles and torches are not the most kid-friendly items to employ for North Reading mosquito control.

How can you prevent mosquitoes from taking over your pool?

Keeping the areas around your yard and pool picked up and free of items, which can hold water, is essential in keeping mosquitoes from taking over your backyard pool. There are 7 T's of mosquito control. Do you know what they are?

  1. Tip - Tip over any item outdoors, which could hold standing water.
  2. Toss - Remove excess grass clippings after mowing, and remove leaves and firewood for outdoor fire pits from the spaces you like to relax in.
  3. Turn - Turn over items not in use, which might hold water, like sandboxes and plastic toys.
  4. Remove Tarps - If you typically use a pool-warming cover even in the summertime, consider not covering your pool at all.
  5. Take Care - Take care of and clean out areas around your home, which create spaces for standing water, such as gutters.
  6. Team Up - Talk to your neighbors about making their properties less mosquito-friendly.
  7. Treat - Enlist the help of Mosquito Squad of North Shore for effective mosquito barrier protection mist to protect your yard.

North Reading mosquito control is available to protect your family at pool time or any time spent outdoors.

As so many of us love to enjoy our backyard pools all summer long, Mosquito Squad’s professional mosquito control is your best bet in keeping mosquitoes away from your pool area - and your whole yard. We offer an EPA-registered mosquito protection formula, which is applied around your entire yard. It starts eliminating mosquitoes on contact and continues working for up to three weeks. We offer seasonal mosquito control solutions from springtime through late fall. When you sign up, our highly-trained technicians will arrive at your home every few weeks to re-apply the barrier mosquito protection mist, without interrupting your day-to-day. Even if you are not at home, we will leave a door tag letting you know that your lawn has been protected. Even though EPA-registered mosquito control sprays allow you to use your yard again a half-hour after treatment, we also offer an naturalsolution if you worry about the effects of insecticides on your family or pets. Our naturalmosquito protection will repel mosquitoes without killing them for a couple of weeks at a time.

It is time to begin your North Reading mosquito control regimen with Mosquito Squad of North Shore. Say good riddance to mosquitoes with our effective EPA-registered mosquito barrier protection mist or naturalprotection. Call us today at (978) 597-7168.