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    "Above & Beyond"
    This is our second season using the squad and we are very pleased with the service. Mike B and his team member do/did a great job. I went out this am to see if they did a specific area in front of my building and they hadn't been, not by fault of their own. Mike said they normally don't do that area specifically, but he would gladly add it to the notes and his partner fired the backpack back up and hit it quickly. Thank you for doing a great job and also going the extra mile with no hesitation.
    Smoke Stack Temple
    "Good Job"
    Justin and Devin did a very good job not one mosquito in my backyard!!
    jennifer hand
    "Outstanding service"
    On 7/28 Chris and Kevin went above and beyond to treat some tough areas to reach in my yard, much thanks.
    Rick L
    "Thank You!"
    The two young guys that came by were very friendly and polite! Ever since starting with the Mosquito squad (about a year ago) we haven’t had many ticks or mosquitos! Before they came our dog would have 10 ticks on him at a time! Not anymore! We are very happy to say we really are thankful we called the mosquito squad! Nj license #90233B
    Jessica S.
    "Best service"
    Had a kid named Devin R I would recommend everyone to ask for him he’s such a nice kid and nice smile
    Karen G
    "Professional service by honest kind people"
    Philip and the team at Mosquito Squad have been serving our garden for the second year. They do a brilliant job that lasts for a while. We are happy, bite-less consumers
    "Great service"
    Anthony and John applied treatment thoroughly and very polite and professional.
    "Thank you!"
    Thank you mosquito squad for helping us be able to enjoy our backyard!
    "Great service"
    Very happy with Mosquito Squad. Joe and Dan are great technicians. Our yard is safe for our kids to play in!
    "Very Professional"
    The crew from Mosquito Squad that services our yard always does a great job. They notify us when they will be coming and check in at the door before they start working. They even waited for me to get my son to the bus before treating our property one morning. My family and I enjoy our yard all season long without any unwanted pests. Highly recommend them.
    Doug S.
    "Five Star"
    Would definitely recommend. Their sales person was spot on with what we needed and our techs (Noah C & Mike G) were on time and efficient.
    Elizabeth C
    "Amazing work!"
    I’ve been using this service for more than one year and I can say I’m very happy with the results. Thanks to Kevin Gonzalez that has been taking care of my garden! I truly recommend it, you won’t regret it
    Clara B
    Great job! Thanks Alex & Kenneth
    Vince and Rita
    "Thank you!"
    Thank you to Patrick and Mike for kicking off our spring season. They are very thoughtful when it comes to carefully watching over our pets by making sure they are safely in the house. We feel confident that our children can have fun in our back yard without worrying about ticks and mosquitos. THANK YOU
    "Great service!"
    Mike G was professional and friendly. We have used this service for a couple of years now and would recommend them to anyone. We enjoy our backyard so much more now. No need for constant citronella burning and bug sprays! It works!
    Thank you for keeping our dogs and grandkids safe from ticks and mosquitoes. The entire staff is so helpful and professional. Kudos to Jim S and his teammate, Patrick and Mike G, and all the others (5/7, 5/25, 7/7, 7/28, 9/9, 9/28/21, & all other dates this past year). Always very careful to close any gates behind them. THANK YOU!
    Mary P
    I always like to write a postive review of the guys that come out and spray for our scheduled service. (Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas). This week we had Matt and Angel. They are always very polite and professional. I like that they always announce when they arrive and ask for permission to begin. They are always available to answer any questions. We have been very happy with the quality of the service and have enjoyed being able to spend time on our porch and our backyard without being eaten alive!
    Andee M.
    We have not seen one Mosquito the whole summer! Mosquito Squad is professional, friendly and communicative! I highly recommend!
    Mike G arrived on time, answered all our questions and provided our second treatment. Fast, non-intrusive process and Mike G's service makes using Mosquito Squad a no brainer. The difference when sitting outside is amazing! - Chris W
    Chris W
    Angel did a very good job on the treatment of our backyard on 8/4. Very pleased with his service.
    We have used this service for at least two summers and are very satisfied. The crew is very friendly. We have over an acre of ground near a river with a wooded lot in the back and they keep the mosquitoes, ticks and fleas at bay so our grandchildren can roam the property without worry. If we have an outbreak of mosquitoes in between spraying they happily come out and spray again.
    Vince and Rita
    We love Mosquito Squad! Our backyard is free of mosquitos! We can enjoy sitting on our deck bug free. The team that services us is always friendly and provides great service each time. Thank you!
    The difference is night and day… or, mosquito and no-mosquito. Our yard is pleasant and enjoyable now and the service is friendly, prompt, and thorough.
    Dave L
    This is the second year we’ve used Mosquito Squad….. they are prompt, notify us when they will arrive and do a thorough job. Very customer friendly and most importantly….whatever they use is environmentally friendly and it works! Thank you!
    Sara Massler
    Great Service!!!! Very reliable & friendly! Would def recommend to family & friends!
    George Lista
    What a different a spray makes!! Regular visits by The Squad means we can go outside whenever we want with the kids & dogs and not be bothered by pesky insects.
    We would recommend to use Mosquito Squad. Kevin C. was prompt, courteous, and addressed any questions we had.
    So friendly and their service is great!
    Michelle G.
    I just had another treatment today on my property. This particular man was outstanding. He left no stone unturned. This is the first year I was able to sit in my yard without spraying myself with OFF! I’ll definitely be a repeat customer next Spring/Summer!
    Amazing 😉 such an improvement. No more mosquitoes.
    "Quick response and willingness to come out right away."
    Your very quick response and willingness to come out right away. It also really works!!
    DONNA B.
    "My grandchildren can play and not get eaten alive!"
    Bottom Line, it works, I live in an area where the back of my yard is woods, I now can go to every part of my yard, weed and do yard work, no bites. Love it. My grandchildren can play and not get eaten alive!
    KATHY C.
    "We can now enjoy our back yard at dusk and warm summer evenings."
    It works! We can now enjoy our back yard at dusk and warm summer evenings.
    DAVE C.
    "Nice people, good service."
    Nice people, good service. Very accommodating to my needs.
    "Spray works great!"
    Easy and friendly. Spray works great!
    CHUCK P.
    "Prompt service and most of all no more Mosquitos!"
    Professional, knowledgeable staff. Prompt service and most of all no more Mosquitos!
    TOM M.
    "All personnel are true professionals and a pleasure to deal with!"

    Courteous, knowledgeable technicians. All personnel are true professionals and a pleasure to deal with! More importantly, I have not seen a single mosquito or tick in my yard since we’ve been using Mosquito Squad of North Jersey!

    "Overall, the service was effective and extremely professional and user friendly!!"
    It keeps the mosquitos away! When we went to other places we were bitten, but not at home. Also, Maryellen was very responsive over email. Overall, the service was effective and extremely professional and user friendly!!
    "Your service was amazing! "
    Your service was amazing! I was so happy with it that I told ALL my neighbors to call you. TWO of them already have – and you came out and sprayed. :)!
    LISA S.
    "It was incredible!!!…..we can actually sit outside now."
    It was incredible!!!…..we can actually sit outside now. Still not seeing any mozzies but won't hesitate to call you when we do
    thank-you so much …summer is actually enjoyable now!!
    ANN H.
    "Quick, effective and inexpensive."
    Quick, effective and inexpensive.
    JODI S.
    "We highly recommend the Mosquito Squad!"
    Very pleased with the service, It allowed us to use our yard without the aggravation of mosquitoes. We are very likely to continue this service. We highly recommend the Mosquito Squad!
    MINDY A.
    "quick to work at making us feel comfortable"
    Easy access to speak with a representative, and quick to work at making us feel comfortable in using you in the future. I’ve passed along your company info to a handful of co-workers. looking forward to seeing you guys again!
    MIKE D.
    "Spray keeps the bugs away."
    Easy payment process, good customer service. Spray keeps the bugs away.
    MIKE M.
    "We couldn’t be happier in our yard. !!!!"
    Godsend! My grandchildren refused to play in our huge yard before MOSQUITO SQUAD rescued us.! Thank you for meeting our exceptional needs by respraying a couple of times in the beginning.. This is our third year with the squad, and we couldn’t be happier in our yard. !!!!
    "So friendly and ready to answer any questions on the service programs offered."
    Mosquito Squad is the best company I have ever dealt with.So friendly and ready to answer any questions on the service programs offered..Honest,“NOT Pushy” to sell a contract..Best thing is we have had NO mosquito’s or ticks and can enjoy the yard once again..since the property backs up to the woods and wildlife(lots of deer). Thank-you Mosquito Squad!
    "The results are wonderful."
    The results are wonderful. We can enjoy our backyard without the mosquitoes joining us.
    CATHY D.
    "disclaimer- if you like Mosquitos this is not the service for you."
    Mosquito squad has been wonderful, they show up on time the people have been very kind and reasonable. The best part is… it works people my Sons first birthday was a huge success because my usually infested yard was mosquito free. I did the starter pack then went for the full bag. disclaimer- if you like Mosquitos this is not the service for you.
    PETER F.
    "Thank you for giving us our yard back!"
    I have eaten outdoors with my family multiple times and NO ONE has been bitten — it’s like a miracle! Thank you for giving us our yard back! 👍😊👍
    "I can now sit on my deck, even at night after rain"
    I can now sit on my deck, even at night after rain. Its been years that I’ve been able to do this…..
    KARMA W.
    "Huge improvement in the number of mosquitoes in my yard. "
    Huge improvement in the number of mosquitoes in my yard. Before you could not even sit outside during the day. Now I can even enjoy the evening without being soaked in bug repellent
    GARY H.