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When are Ticks Active in Connecticut?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
When are Ticks Active in Connecticut?

December 20, 2023

Throughout our country’s history, the Northeast has always been associated with freezing winters that are inhospitable at best and downright brutal at worst. However, every winter has its thaw, and life flourishes in this region when warmer weather returns. Humans and creatures alike emerge from their homes, dens, and nests to embrace the spring warmth, but not all come with good intentions. While we frolic in our yards, parks, and woods in the daylight hours, other creatures lie in wait, patiently watching for a hapless victim to come walking by. Humans are an apex predator, though, so what could we possibly be concerned about in our own back yards? The answer is: Ticks. Despite their tiny appearance, ticks are often ripe with diseases that can be extremely damaging to our health and happiness. And, with shorter, warmer winters and longer springs and summers, ticks are emerging from their winter slumbers earlier than usual. Ticks now emerge in April and May, but they can come out as soon as there is a sustained period of 45°F weather. Considering the temperature rise we are seeing as a result of global warming, ticks could emerge much earlier in the coming years.

Why you should consider Fairfield tick control

So, ticks are emerging earlier. What does that mean for your health? To begin with, an earlier tick season means these arachnids have more time to reproduce, and more ticks means you have a greater chance of encountering a tick carrying a disease. Based on studies conducted every year, scientists accurately estimate tick populations in Connecticut, and the results are looking grim. By April 30th of last year, the state counted over twice as many ticks as the previous year, a clear indication that our tick population is becoming a huge issue. To make matters worse, ticks carrying diseases are becoming far more prevalent, too.

Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Tularemia, and others have been found in ticks around the state, and no tick-borne disease should be taken lightly. Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease, but it is notoriously difficult to diagnose. Only about 10% of patients with the disease are accurately diagnosed the first time around, and this shocking error rate opens the door to a chronic condition. Lyme disease can cause mild symptoms like headaches and fever, but serious infections can be far more damaging. Swollen joints, short-term memory loss, and even nervous system issues are a sign of chronic infection, and you should seek immediate medical attention should you experience any of these signals. With such horrible diseases lurking in our yards and parks, why take risks? Fortunately, Mosquito Squad has the answers to this problem.

Where to find Fairfield tick control

Ticks are active as soon as April, and they could soon emerge earlier. For comprehensive tick control, look no further than Mosquito Squad of Fairfield, Lyme and New Haven County. We offer a couple different treatments, including our barrier protection mist, which comes in our original and naturalformulas. Applied around the perimeter of your yard, our mist is guaranteed to defend your yard against ticks for up to 21 days. Our ultimate protection plan, which includes treatments every two weeks, is a surefire way to defend your property against ticks throughout the spring and summer. While our mist isn’t impregnable, it will dramatically reduce the tick population on your property. For year-round protection, we also offer tick tubes, which target ticks even before they emerge during the spring.

Give Mosquito Squad of Fairfield, Lyme, and New Haven County a call today at (203) 275-0078. We look forward to hearing from you!