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Do We Have Fall Mosquitoes and Ticks?

Tick on a leaf

Do We Have Fall Mosquitoes and Ticks?

Although many people believe that mosquitoes and ticks are gone after the summer, we frequently need to wait until fall's end for them to completely leave our region. The major benefit of having a lengthy outdoor living season is always something to look forward to in the Northeast, but as the leaves start to change, mosquitoes and ticks often don't go away either. Even in October, the climate in New Hampshire can still warm enough for ticks and mosquitoes to live, so it's important to be aware of the risks they bring to your health and enjoyment of outdoor activities. Yes, we have to deal with mosquitoes every summer because of their growing numbers and the diseases they might spread, but they are still a concern.

Often, it can even seem like there are more ticks and mosquitoes during the autumn, and sometimes this assumption is correct! Why does this happen in the fall? Well, one of the reasons is that lots of folks will discontinue their spray services following summer, which is a mistake. Another reason mosquitoes might seem more prevalent is the cooler weather allows them to roam more freely, rather than having to shirk away from the blazing summer sun. Ticks have a somewhat different story. They may appear in greater numbers because adult ticks will quest around this time of year, looking for a final blood meal before they enter their winter shelters.

Tick control remains important in fall, spring, and summer

Both ticks and mosquitoes aren't just outdoor living nuisances; they are also health risks. For instance, mosquito-born viruses like the West Nile virus have been detected in the Northeast, and a similar story rings true for ticks. Indeed, these crawling biters are known to transmit Lyme disease and other serious bacterial diseases. Considering the risks these creatures pose to your health, there's no reason to take risks with your health. To maintain your fantastic outdoor living experience, it's a great idea to defend yourself against both ticks and mosquitoes. Few things are as irritating as a swarm of mosquitoes pestering you or a tick taking a blood sample, so make sure to take the proper precautions.

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked for nearly 20 years to defend our customers against ticks, mosquitoes, and the diseases these creatures carry. With the help of our innovative treatment options, we can guarantee dramatic reductions in the populations of both insects on your property. Don’t take risks with ticks and mosquitoes as they don’t belong near you or your family!

Ticks and mosquitoes can remain active during the fall. Defend against them with the expert services found at Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region. Give us a call at (603) 301-4857.

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