When is flea season in TN?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Fleas are active year-round in TN, but they can really become a nuisance in temperate weather, including spring, summer, and fall.

You will experience more fleas in TN during these seasons, because we naturally spend more time outdoors when the weather is nice. Fleas linger in spaces where they can obtain blood from humans and animals; and a home can become infested in short order. Fleas are much easier to control than they are to get rid of. Mosquito Squad is a tried and trusted flea exterminator in Nashville, and we stand ready to help you protect your home and family from the threat of an infestation.

Flea Control Nashville, for a Happier, Healthier Family

Why is flea control in Nashville important? Simply put, fleas are trouble. Big trouble. Once they invade your home, they increase in number quickly and they bite – voraciously and bigtime.

You need to depend on flea control Nashville to stop them in their tracks and protect your pets and family members. As the finest flea exterminator in Nashville, Mosquito Squad knows that outdoor areas are where most of these flea infestations start.

While outdoors playing or doing their business, your family pet dogs and cats can unknowingly bring them into your home, and that is when the horror begins. Where do the fleas come from? They find themselves on your property after being carried by other animals who have become flea carriers.

That outdoor cat that your Ring security camera seems to pick up every evening, a prime suspect. Pets who live outdoors – or spend a significant amount of time outside – are prime targets for fleas.

Without being aware of it, your pets carry the fleas into your home in their fur. But that’s not the end of it. Most surprisingly, households without pets can also be exposed to fleas and the dangers they represent. They are lazy parasitic insects who look for transportation any way they can pull it off.

You can unknowingly bring them into your home on your shoes, backpacks, jeans, and other personal items that were previously outdoors.

And once they do get inside your house – run for the hills – or call for professional flea control Nashville. Left unprotected, your home and adjacent areas easily become flea targets. For example, you may think you’re seeing things but that spec you see jumping around on your furniture and bed – it’s probably a flea – or even worse, a lot of fleas.

How Can I Tell If Fleas Have Invaded My Nashville Home?

One of the first signs of a flea infestation in your home is when you notice your pets scratching, biting, or licking themselves excessively. Symptoms of flea bites on members of your family include red spots on your skin with a halo, itching, hives, a small cluster of bumps, and swelling around the bite.

Mosquito Squad, the flea exterminator Nashville prefers, knows that fleas are active year round. But as Nashville weather warms up, that’s when they really become a problem due to their increased numbers. With our beautiful spring and summer weather, we spend more time outside – and that is when fleas hitch a ride into your personal spaces at home.

Be proactive and take action. The very moment you suspect that fleas are present in your yard or have found their way into your landscape, you must take care of the problem immediately by calling The Squad. We are not just ready to tackle the problem for you, we are ready to knock down your pest problem for good.

Our flea exterminator Nashville technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection to assess your situation. Once the scope of your flea problem is known, we will develop a targeted plan of attack for the specific areas of your yard where fleas harbor and breed like brush and wood piles, tall grass, and under decks. It’s important that adult fleas do not reproduce. Our treatment will focus on stopping them from spreading! Our regularly scheduled flea control Nashville treatments will create a protective barrier around your property to stop flea bites before they start.

Trust Mosquito Squad of Nashville for all your flea control Nashville needs. Contact us at (615) 492-3662.

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