What is the best natural repellent for ticks?

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There is a plethora of touted natural repellents for ticks. But what really works?

An Internet search will yield thousands of results, but who can you trust to answer questions about tick control? Many purported tick repellents have given anecdotal results at best. Others will not perform the job, leaving you and your family open to receiving a tick bite, having been given false hope by a mommy blogger or the like. And while we can trust individuals’ own experiences with self-concocted tick repellents, we must understand that their positive experience might not be our own. Therefore, we urge you to do your research, and to contact a tick control expert, like Mosquito Squad, who has been formulating the best natural tick repellents for many years with guaranteed results. Your best bet for natural repellent for ticks is the naturalformula created and applied by the experienced tick control specialists at Mosquito Squad of Nashville.

How do you keep ticks out of your yard?

Knowing full well how bad ticks are in Tennessee, if you’re wondering how do you keep ticks out of your yard, a good start for your Nashville area tick control is to create a tick safe zone through landscaping.

1. Clear tall grasses and brush around your home and at the edge of lawns.

2. Place a 3-foot wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between your lawn and wooded areas and around patios and play equipment. This will restrict tick migration into recreational areas where you typically enjoy your outdoor spaces.

3. Mow the lawn frequently; and keep leaves raked. Carefully dispose of the debris, and do not leave it on the ground.

4. Should you keep firewood in your yard, stack it neatly and in a dry area away from your house perimeter to discourage rodents that ticks feed on.

5. Keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees and place them in a sunny location, if possible. Ticks thrive in dark wet places.

6. Remove any old furniture, mattresses, or trash from the yard that may give ticks a place to hide.

To complete the smartest courses of action for what is the best natural repellent for ticks, in addition to your mindfulness, subscribe to regular naturalformula tick control with Mosquito Squad. With your diligence and our proven effective tick control, this dual effort will protect your home exterior and landscape as effectively as possible.

You can trust Mosquito Squad of Nashville for tried and trusted tick control at your Nashville area home or business. Contact us at 615-492-3662.

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