Flea & Tick Treatment

Flea & Tick Control In Mount Laurel

Investing In Your Family

Fleas and ticks represent a threat to both your family and your pets. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad of Moorestown-Mount Laurel has everything you need to protect yourself from these potentially deadly menaces…and, most importantly, keep your loved ones safe with our flea and tick control services.

Why Are Fleas and Ticks a Threat?

Ticks can be a major threat, especially as seasons warm up and children explore and play outside. They lurk in tall grass, wood piles, and underneath your deck, and they carry Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, and many other illnesses. Fleas are an equal threat: they can transmit things like Cat Scratch Disease that can be passed on to pet owners, and can even carry tapeworms that, when the flea is swallowed, infests the pet.

How can Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel help?

When it comes to ticks, we use the same barrier treatment that eliminates mosquitoes. This eliminates adult ticks while our tick tubes help wipe out younger ones. The tubes carry a cotton material filled with tick-killing permethrin. The material gets taken by field animals back to their nests, so any pre-adult ticks that hitch a ride on these animals get killed by the material from the tick tubes. This ensures that tick maintenance covers more than a single area of an individual building—instead, we help protect the entire property, inside and out.

That same mosquito barrier prevents the growth of fleas by quickly eliminating them. The growth regulator we add to the barrier stops the life cycle of the fleas, which prevents them from becoming adults. These barrier treatments are effective across all seasons and keep your pets safe by ensuring they don’t bring any of these unwanted pests into your home.

An Investment in Safety

Mosquito Squad of Moorestown-Mount Laurel understands that there’s more at stake here than some annoying pests. This is the very health and safety of the people you care about most. As such, purchasing our flea and tick control service is about more than killing fleas and ticks: it’s investing in your family’s future. We provide flea and tick treatments in Mount Laurel, Berlin, Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Moorestown, and beyond.



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