Preparing For A Florida Hurricane… and the Mosquitoes That Could Follow

Author: Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie

Tis the season… hurricane season, and year-to-year we never know what might hit us. We do, however, know that when they say a hurricane is coming we have to be prepared. There is boarding up windows, putting up patio furniture, sandbagging, all sorts of little things that can make a great difference in the aftermath.

Hurricanes bring huge amounts of water, not just from rain, but from storm surges and from rising lakes and rivers as well. When it’s all over we are stuck with tons of standing water. And you know who loves the standing water right? The mosquitoes! If you don’t take time to prepare your yard so that water isn’t everywhere at the end of the storm you are going to have a mass hatching of mosquitoes pretty soon (within a week if the conditions are right) after. Here are a few ideas of how to avoid that.

1. Remove possible standing water risks, aka mosquito habitat:

Take that last minute walk around your yard and make sure that anything that has to stay can’t collect water. Turn birdbaths and flowerpots over if possible. If there is anything that you can keep from filling up with water during the storm then do it. You may not be able to get out right away after the storm ends to empty these things.

2. Cover all your property:

Tarps are a great way to cover things that can’t be removed from the yard. However, tarps can hold water too. Be sure to stake them up in the middle so that water sheds off. And be sure they are tied down tight.

3. Clean up:

Yard debris can also be a great spot for mosquitoes to bread. Clean up the leaves and sticks and brush before the hurricane. Sure there will be more afterward, but at least you are ahead. Include the low lying limbs that are still attached. Get rid of anything that is likely to fall.

4. Get professional treatment:

Hurricane season or not, it’s Florida and we all know mosquitoes can get crazy. At Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie, we can eliminate 85-90% of the mosquitoes before and after the storms come. Why not do it before? Our mosquito barrier spray and misting systems are the best protection against biting flying pests.

5. Do it all again:

After the storm is over there is so much to do. Clean up is never easy or fun. And even if you did all you were supposed to before the hurricane you are going to have to go do it all over again. Dump out the water, clean up the debris, don’t forget the gutters! Make sure anything that would hold water or stay wet long-term is mitigated as much as possible.

We are no strangers to hurricane season. We know how to prepare for it, we know how to survive it, and we know how to clean up after it. We are strong Floridians. Mosquitoes are pretty strong Floridians too! Let us help you keep them out of your yard before storm season, through it, and after it. Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie today and don’t wait to schedule your first mosquito treatment. There will be other things to focus on once they predict a storm. (772) 571-4015