Trying to rid your yard of Noseeums? Follow these tips and tricks!

Author: Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie

It’s a known fact; no-see-ums are a nuisance that we just can’t seem to get rid of here in Florida.

Every year, we struggle to control the no-see-ums in our properties, creating barriers with screened in porches, lighting torches that might keep them at bay but each year we seem to end with the same solution: head inside.

That just isn’t fair. Why should we have to move indoors during the most beautiful time of the year?! Unfortunately, sometimes not even going inside can help you escape these annoying pests. Because they are so small, they can easily fit through a screen, which means you aren’t even safe when you choose to sit under a covered porch.

Controlling no-see-ums in your yard can be easy as following a few easy tips and tricks!

  1. Get rid of unsealed water containers – Water sources are a vital part of a no-see-ums life cycle. Female midges lay eggs on surfaces containing moisture. For this reason, remove of seal the water containers on your property.
  2. Use no-see-ums screens for when you’re indoors – Use screens or netting designed with smaller mesh to prevent female no-see-ums from entering your covered porch or home.
  3. Turn on your ceiling fan – Just like mosquitoes, no-see-ums have a hard time flying in the wind. Creating a constant wind inside your covered porch will keep the no-see-ums at bay.
  4. Dim the lights – Female no-see-ums are attracted to light, so when you can dim or turn the lights off. Not only will you avoid some no-see-ums, but you’ll also, in turn, save some money on your energy bill!
  5. Treat your yard – Although following these tips and tricks will keep no-see-ums from entering your home, you’re not always safe outside. We install automatic misting systems for your property to not only keep no-see-ums at bay but to get rid of them all together.

You can take your yard back from no-see-ums. It just takes patience, consistent yard work or just calling The Squad! We’ll install, fill, maintain and repair your automatic misting system whenever you need us to. Give Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie a call at (772) 571-4015 to discuss your need to control the no-see-ums on your property.