Private Mosquito Fogging for Your Community

Author: Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie

Waterfront, near a marsh, deep ditches, or just heavily wooded, if your community is facing an onslaught of mosquitoes, you need our help! While the city might fog from the street sometimes, they just are not keeping up with the level of mosquitoes you are dealing with.

So, you call the city, yet they still are not doing enough, often enough. (Limited resources and a long waiting list slows everything down.)

Because you asked. We answered.

Private Mosquito Fogging Services

We now provide private mosquito fogging services for your entire community or neighborhood.

We’ll fog weekly at a very affordable rate to keep the mosquito population down in your entire community. This small cost is a huge investment in the safety, well-being, and quality of life for the homeowners in your neighborhood.

The product will be sprayed throughout the entire neighborhood from the road. The immediate knock-down of mosquitoes will make a dramatic difference immediately. Over-time, you’ll enjoy fewer and fewer mosquitoes as they are unable to multiply at their previous rate.

Our mosquito fogging services are perfect for HOAs, golf communities, equestrian communities, apartment complexes, and retirement communities. Whether your neighborhood is suburban, urban, or otherwise, you deserve fewer mosquitoes!

If you’re a property manager, homeowners association president, or just a leader in your community, call us today to get a quote. Your neighbors will thank you! (772) 571-4015