Difference Between Mosquito Squad’s Services & Your Local Mosquito Control District’s Services

Author: Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie

Why do I need Mosquito Squad if the county is fogging?

In Florida, we have the worst mosquito problem in the nation. Due to the dangers of mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, Zika Virus and more, many counties deploy a variety of mosquito control and mosquito surveillance programs. Indian River Mosquito Control District, Brevard County Mosquito Control District, and St. Lucie County Mosquito Control Districts are the big three that serve our area with mosquito aerial spray, mosquito fogging, mosquito larvicide treatment, mosquito source reduction, and mosquito surveillance. You may be wondering, why would I need Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port St. Lucie if my county has a mosquito control program? Read the differences between what we do and what they do to see if Mosquito Squad is right for you.

County Mosquito Control Services

Each mosquito control district offers different services, but in general, they have three main methods for reducing mosquito populations.

Mosquito Fogging
The most common mosquito control method you will see is nighttime mosquito fogging. The truck that drives around your neighborhood spraying for mosquitoes at dusk will eliminate adult mosquitoes that are out flying around right now. With each female mosquito eliminated, generations of mosquitoes are prevented.

Mosquito Larvicide
The mosquito control districts eliminate mosquitoes at the larval stage too with larvicide sprays and pellets. This eliminates mosquitoes in the larval stage as they are developing in standing water sources such as marshes and drainage ditches.

Mosquito Source Reduction
Reducing mosquito habitats or breeding grounds is the most effective method of mosquito control. This is achieved in numerous ways by Mosquito Control Districts, starting with the elimination of standing water in containers, so there is no source of nourishment for mosquito eggs, larvae, and pupae. Secondly, managing the water in salt marshes by keeping them flooded (known as Rotational Impoundment Management) eliminates the moist salt marsh beds where salt marsh mosquitoes lay eggs. Lastly, there are waste tire programs to collect and dispose of tires to limit the number sitting out collecting water where disease-spreading freshwater mosquitos like to lay their eggs.

Backyard Mosquito Control vs. County Mosquito Control Services

All of the mosquito control methods described above are fantastic ways to control mosquito populations on the Space Coast. However, these methods do not benefit individual homeowners as directly as Mosquito Squad’s mosquito control services for a couple of reasons.

County mosquito fogging sprayed from the street simply knocks down currently active mosquitoes in the air. It has no residual effects and will not control the mosquitoes that could be growing and breeding in your yard. The radius of this spray is generally only about 300 feet downwind from the truck. This fog cannot reach your backyard where you spend the most time outdoors.

While larvicide and source reduction helps the entire community as a whole, those who live closest to the salt marshes and other mosquito-infested areas benefit the most. But again, the treatment is not applied to private property and will not reduce mosquitoes that breed and grow on your property.

Mosquito Squad’s Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Squad offers two main methods of mosquito control for your home or business. Our most popular mosquito barrier treatment is sprayed manually by a technician who walks around your property with a back-pack sprayer. Our sprayers treat at 200mph, effectively penetrating the underbrush and vegetation where mosquitoes spend the most time. (Foggers put out a mist that eliminates mosquitoes in the air and then it is done.) The treatment is applied directly to the vegetation in your yard and has a time-released formula so it will continue to eliminate mosquitoes for up to three weeks. Our personal approach allows technicians to focus their work in areas where you spend the most time outdoors such as around your decks and patios as well as areas where mosquitoes could be a bigger problem.

Our second most popular product is an automatic mosquito misting system. Consisting of small discrete nozzles and nylon tubing hidden along your landscape, the system releases mosquito treatment 2-4 times a day, on a schedule that works for you. Our team will custom design the system so that the nozzles are in the best locations to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment creating mosquito-free outdoor living spaces. The main benefits of the system are year-round control whenever you need it, and extra control with the ability to manually trigger the spray whenever you need.

Our mosquito barrier treatment eliminates up to 90% of mosquitoes on your property, and automatic mosquito misting systems eliminate more than 90% of mosquitoes on your property if used consistently.

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